Oct. 4, 2007

I have my owns version of fancy flavored waters!

Well, as you can tell froms this photo we dids lots of mischief whiles momma was away. She had to be gone for a total of 12 days. And evens though she checked up on us every 3 days, emptyings our litterboxes and refillings food and water bowls...we dids not think this was enough. So we destroyeds the house each time, right before she would stop in. Thens instead of having times for us, she wasteds all the time cleaning everything ups! Even thoughs she knew we was gonna do it all over agains befour she comes home again!! Sigh, Momma can be stubborns about the clean house policy! Buts we do our best to make it the way we wants it!! hehehehe

Ands before anyone axes, no, I don't know how come the fish keep dyings. ;)


  1. Now that looks like a tasty drinking fountain! With snacks too? How do you get one installed?


  2. You has to be very sneakys abouts it, but it totally works! Just acts like your not intrested when she brings home the quarim ands even whens she puts the tempings water and wavey things in it...then, eventually she will puts the swimings snacks in there. And if one or two floats up, she will finks she made a mistakes with the chemicals. We gots to swat 3 of thems befour we finks she caughts on to us.

  3. WOW...... wow....
    you guys are soooo lucky.


    I bet whapping the fishs could be major fun!

    Purrrs and purrrs, Princess

  4. Mmmmm, fishy flavored water. I'm glad your Mom is home again. If you didn't spend so much time trashing the house while she is gone, then you'd have had more time with her when she came by. Just a suggestion for next time. Sorry you got caught whapping the fish. It sounds like fun.

  5. This is really funny~! I think that is very good for you~!

  6. Oh boy you get to go fishin! :)You're so lucky :)

  7. he he youse funny1
    ise tagged you!

  8. I hope you do not get into any trouble. I used to have Sea Monkeys. But they died.