October 10, 2007

This is how Momma feels today

Actually Momma has a cold and she is on standby to go to work. So she's not feeling like lettings me do the bloggie much today. But I will tells you about this picture real fasted.
Two days agos some neighbors kids come knocking on Momma's door and asked if this was her kitty. She goes "nope I gots five already". Anyway, lates at night this kitteh is screaming and MEOOOOOWWWWWIIIIINNNNGGGGG likes that....real loud and alots of times. So she goes out, picks him up and pets him. Then she broughts his inside and fed hims. But he kepts hissing and growling at all of us. Momma was just starting to get sicks so she wasn't feeling like refereeing. She put more food out for him and then put hims back outside. He cried alots, but then she didn't see him again in the mornings. She doesn't know what happened to him, maybe someone else in the neighborhood adopteds him. In a few days when she isn't contagious anymore, she is gonna go arounds an axe everyone.


  1. Sorry your mom isn't feeling so well! Humans sick are never very tolerant for stuff. I hope the cute little kitten finds a home and is safe.


  2. Being sick is horrid, I feel sorry for your Momma and hope the vet doesn't put her on pink yuck! That stuff's BAD! :(

  3. Oh poor little kitten..I hope he is ok....

  4. hope your mum fels better very soon!
    that kitty looks a little bit mad! in an adorable way obviously! x

  5. I hope you feel better soon mom. Your cats will snuggle up to you and make you feel better.

    Poppy Q