October 15, 2007

We is having an issue and is unable to upload a picture for our bloggie today! grrr!!

Anyways, Momma wants me to tells you all thank you for your well wishes for her. She is still coughings and snifflings after a week...but she is feeling a bit better.

I has to tell you why I no longer loves my big brother and insteads adore my little sister. Normally I would never admits I love either of them, but this is all parts of my plot to confuse the hecks out of them and Momma.
As you know our Momma has to go away on trips alot. Sometimes we punish her by destroyings the house, other times we won't talks to her. This time we decided to really throw her for a loop. We smothered her with affection. If she wents to the shower room, we sat outside the door and loudly yelled for her to come back. If she wents to the computer room, we sats on the other side of the door till she oppened it and thens we pounced and purrrrreeeed. Everytime she wents to bed we all pileds as close as kittyly possible. Now, Momma has 3 pillows, two are for her and one is for me. Sometimes I get there late, but thats no excuse...that is MY pillow! Anyway, the other night I am all snuggled in a tight little ball when Belle decideds to invade my space. Actually she was kinda being cute about it, purring and grooming my ears. So, I let her stay. The pillow is just big enough for the both of us if we curl up tightly. And I was still the closest to Momma, I has to have a part of my furryness touching a part of her face or arms..so I was ok with Belle being on the outsides and I could quietly smother Momma. We had finally gots all comfy and was purring like motorboats, whens stupid big smelly Hunter decideds that the pillow should be his. Belle and I tolds him, there is no room...your too fats! Go away! Ands he totally didn'ts listen!!!! We was sooooo annoyed. He started walking over the tops of Belle, and then puts his foot in the one space that wasn't full of me and Belle. Then he flops down, right on top of me!! HEY, this is MY pillow!! GRRRR. So me and Belle had to gets up and find a different spot cause stupid Hunter takes up the entire pillow and I am nots sleeping under him and being smooshed by his giagantic man pouch!!
As you can tells, I have been horribly traumatized by this and shall have to plot revenge against Hunter!!


  1. This is very good story, I read and read again~! And I am happy for all of you.

    Still hope your mom better and better.

  2. As you can see if you look at yesterdays blog I understand all too well about being sat on by a big lardball of a mancat too... It's not right to be squished like that, so I wish you well in getting your revenge! :)

  3. hmmm...i usually bite Castle on his back if he pisses me off with stunts like that! you should try it - teeth either side of the spine is best!

  4. I hope your mom feels 100% soon - now both my beans are coughing and stuff.

    I'll bet in actuality you love both your big brother and little sister, but I understand why you just can't admit these things! :)

    Have a good week!