October 29, 2007

Midnighty Mancat Day!!!

Author: Cashmere Hunter Growlypants

Today I start my weekly day for the bloggings. Momma decided it was totally unfair that stinky little Napoleon gots to blog the hog, oh look a bug...come here bug come here I'm gonna get you...come back here, THWAPPPPPP! I just want to nibble on you come back here...grrrrrrr. CRUNCH! yummmmmmmm Ok, where was I? Um, yeah I am the manlyst of all the Midnighty Cats! I is a black panther, oh another bug..wait, come back...I won't hurt you I swear, oh, darn it...its not a bug...its stupid Belle. Wait...come back, I won't hurt you Belle I just want to nibble...come here!!! THWAPPP!!! Oh,ok, I won't crunch you...but come back!! I just want to play, oh yeah, thats right I'm totally doing the blog today...yeah. Um this picture on here is one of the first days when I came to live here with MeiLin and Momma. I was about 6-7 months old, and now I is all full grown!! We got tagged...um ok, not we...Napoleon got tagged...yeah, I'm gonna make hime do it all...Hey Stinky Butt!! You gots something from your GIRLYFRIEND, Isis!!!!!

(additional)Author: Napoleon
Oh, I readed whats he wroted and I is gonna haves fun telling on you to Momma!! You is in sooooooo much trouble!! And she's not my GIRLYFRIEND!!! Girls are icky, but Isis is special...she's better then a girl, she's a girlcat!!! PURRRSSS
Oh, so she tagged me for the Cherish Meme. I will puts up all the rules and stuff....

I was nominated byIsis the coolest and prettiest of the girlcats, to do the Cherish meme, which Adan created to bring the love of all da kitty bloggers to the gentle
Miss Peach! As Adan said: "She always makes us know what love is!" Well said, Adan!

So here are the rules of the Cherish meme:

1. tell us what is the most sweetest warm thing you will do to your mommy (what is the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)

2. And, hug your mommy, tightly... (and, hug your kitty....tightly...)

3. Tag your good friend...

4. Leave your computer, and continuing hug each other...

Ok, sweetest warm thing...hmmm well, I is just sweet and warm when I grace the world with my presence, but when Momma really needs a good dosing, I love to climbs on the special pillow in the bed (and it is too mine no matter what itty bitty Belle says!!) and I shove my furry self up close to momma and I talk and mew ever so loudly and PURRRRR. I like to give headbutts and I love to sleep with at least some part of my body in contacts with Momma, so she knows I loves her!

We hasn't had a chance to cruise the net yet...so we don't know who hasn't done this meme,but we wants to tag Luxor and Ninna Ninna shares Luxors blog sometimes, we thinks?


  1. That is a very good Mancat picture you posted today!

  2. Mmmm....bugs. Tasty....droool.....I'm sorry, I can't concentrate when you talk about bugs.


  3. how sweet, its a lovely meme isn't it xx

  4. i shure unnerstand 'bout haffin' ta share the bloggie. now we gots those bowncy liddle kittens an they's takin' up mosta the bloggie an plus Grr an Midnight's been hoggin' it too an so when's the last time ennybuddy seen my cute face on my own bloggie? huh? well? yeah, that's whut i thot.

  5. No kitty should hog the bloggie. Peoples shouldn't hog the bloggie neither. Huh Mom.

  6. What a lovely meme Napoleon! :) You sound like a lovely young mancat and you say some very nice things about my baby 'sis too! :) I can't help but like you it seems... Especially since you understand the difficulties of life with a petite panther of a cat, it seems Hunter is just as bad as Tigmut'hep! ;)

  7. i don;t yet the problem of Castle butting in to my blog...but i suspect it will happen one day!

    lovely picture of you xxx

  8. Wow. Wonderful meme.
    You are a great Mancat!!!!!

  9. A very beautiful picture and a nice meme!!! Purring and headbutts are always good!

  10. Oh Napoleon are you there cutie?! Isis here with lots of photos...