March 9, 2008

Well no sunday blanket update this week. I actually didn't do any work on it the entire week!! I am soooo lazy and behind in my work. I guess its cause my Napoleon is on and is competing in the Cat Idol contest! He is very close to losing though, there is a four way tie for last place!!!!! we need each and every one of you to go to wozog and vote each day!!

oh and here are a few funny, heartwarming and amusing photos I found earlier this week....

Well, won't allow me to upload any photos..I'll try to do that after we get back from church. Hopefully it will be all fixed by then!


  1. I voted for you bud... :) Us mancats have gotta stick together! ;)

  2. hey Momma and the kitteys!
    great photos in your post below - total feline domination! but where is the Meezer? they are great at doing the Boob Walk!

    apologies for not being around so much lately, our bean has been sooooo busy at work of late, we are reading via bloglines though when we get time x