March 2, 2008

Sunday Blanket Update

Author: Momma

Well another week has gone by and the blanket is getting bigger. I'll show you a picture from 2 weeks ago. You can see the blanket is finally large enough for Napoleon to really spread out. Soon you won't be able to see the rug underneath! lol
I'm estimated/guestimating that the blanket should be done in 1-2 more weeks. I could have finished in only 2 weeks if I was just making it for a kitty, but for a needs to be a bit bigger.

Here's the update from
Napoleon has made it past the first round of voting, thank you all who voted!!! Don't forget to keep coming back to that site everyday!! Napoleon is very vain and you mights hurt his feelings!

Some information about 's Cat Idol Contest:

How does Cat Idol work?

There will be lets say 24 cat pictures up. But you can only vote for one. After 24 hours the cat with the least amount of fan votes will be eliminated. So then there will be 23 cats. The voting starts ALL over again. Previous votes do no go over to the next round. As long as your cat does not get the least amount of votes, he or she is safe. This will go on until only one cat is left standing

This means everyday you must must must go and vote for my baby Napoleon...or else I will have to suffer! Please save the MOMMA!!!!


  1. okay then will go vote tomorrow too! and the blankie is lovely!!!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. What a great blanket!

    Go Napoleon!


  3. Isis is making us all vote for Napoleon here! She's getting mighty bossy of late... ;)

  4. I am not sure if the blanket is growing or Napoleon is shrinking! It could be an optical illusion.

  5. Join the "Stork Hunting Squad" and show off your official badge Napoleon! :)

  6. Hi I came over from my friend Cindy's blog and i will be sure to vote for Napoleon. i love cats but I have one giant Golden Retriever named Oliver. I will send you his picture. The blanket is looking very good. I like the colors.