March 14, 2008

I is getting rounder


Well its been a while since I,the great and beautiful Belle, has gotten a chance to blog! My brother has been soooo obsessed about the wozog cat idol contest! So I haven't had a chance to spill the beans to all the beans. (hehe) After many escapes aided by my sometimes clueless bean greatgrandma and once even by Momma, well I met a few random toms...and you can fill in the rest.

Mine tummy is getting rounder, the "pinking up" has occured, yup, I is gonna be hatching some kittens soon. So far Momma hasn't ever seen the kittens move, and well since I was let out on 3 different occasions there is no way to say for sure when I am due.

Momma is planning on preparing the MasterBath and putting food, bedding, litterbox and toys in there and confining me so I have the kittens in a good safe and easily cleaned area. She thinks that when my milk drops down, then she will have a day or two warning and will be able to convince me to waddle into that room voluntarily. HA! I plan on having my babies where I want! Perhaps in some hard to reach area of the house on the brand new carpet in the middle of the night. Yup. Thats my plan.


  1. Congratulations, Belle!! We will be excited to see those kittens!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

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  3. Oh well I know the answer here, you'll have the kittens about 6 weeks after your Momma first noticed that you had "pinked up", the kittens will start to move in your 7th week of pregnancy and towards the end of your final week your hips will stand out a bit more and you will waddle. In the last few days your milk will start to come in, making your milk bar kinda lumpy and hard to the touch, you may even start lactating right at the end. Your final day you'll hog all your Momma's attention or take off on your own. About 1 hr or so after your waters break and after some loud yowls you'll start producing kittens! As you're a first time Mom you might need your Momma's help to deal with the umbilical cord, make sure your Momma counts the placentas you deliver and matches them up with the number of kittens or she could find out too late that you've retained one. Tell Momma not to let you eat lots of placenta or you may well get a bad sicky tummy and that could cause you to dehydrate! Get your Momma to check Isis Breeder website and e-mail Mummy and she'll send her a bunch of helpful notes and a check list that covers pretty much any emergency during delivery short of your needing a c-section at the vets... Other than that inform your Momma that you need about twice as much food as normal now and enjoy scoffing the lot, I know I would! ;)

    (Darn I know a lot about having kittens for a mancat!)