March 17, 2008

Kitty Condo? I don't think so!

Author: Hunter

You nose when Momma said I could has mondays to blog. I thoughts, well maybee sometimes I wood and soemtimes I woodn'ts be bloggin. And frankly I has gotten laziers, so it hasn't bothered me too much. But its been a squillion years since I hads my last blog post!!

Anyways, In thats foto you can see that it is NOT a kitteh condo! It only has a penthouse and the second floor has no walls! And of course the floor on this so called semi-luxery condo isn't nearly wide enough for my needs. I can'ts exactly fit in the penthouse and well I'm not too keen on fightings Napoleon for it neither. He's still sulkin causn he losted the wozog contest. Says he wont come out till he is declared purtyiest kitteh in the world or somefing likes that.

Oh, Momma wanted me to lets you all know about Belle. Its kinda funny I guess, but since Greatgrandma isn't to good wif her eyes and can't tells the difference between an all black kitty (like me) and a black kitty wif white paws and markings (like Belle) Great keeps finking I is the one who is prego! oh k, wait..thats not funny! She finks I is fat! I is a musclularly studmuffin and is not fats in any way. The scale lies I do not weigh 11 pounds!!
So back to Belle who is definelty prego. Momma is finking based on the size of Belle and the recent definete confirmed movements of the alien hatchlings (hehe)that miss mommy to be is probablys gonna has them on Easter which is exactlys 6 days from now. Of coursen as each day comes and goes, Momma is gonna be feeling and petting up Belle's tumtum and checking to make sure she is doing ok. Ever since Momma first suspected that the stumpet, I mean Belle, got it on wif the local tomcat she has been putting out extra foods.

Now we all eat from the same bowl, so of course I has been helping myself to the extra available yum yums. And as soon as Momma thoughts that Belle was prego she switched from our normal kitty food to a mix with kitten chow and adult formula. As the weeks has gone by, Momma has gradually phased in more kitten foods and included some scrumpshish wet food. Its a premuim wet food, wif real actuall fishy in it! Mackeral, tuna, salmon ect...oh yes, I hope that it never stops!! Course, Momma says as soon as Belle is ready for the hatchlings she will be moved into a special room and her special food will goes wif her! Sighs. I thinks though that for my super sensitive (hehe, wink wink) tummy I should have a gradual phase out of the yummy kitten chow and the scrumpshish wet delightfuls food. Or I may has to announce wif much hurling and hacking up of the normal nutrious but not nearly so delious kitty food, untils I gets my way ;)


  1. Oh yes Hunter I heartily agree with you, preggy girlycat food is most yummy! :) Being a devoted bother like I am I have been taste testing it for Isis, though she then goes and eats it all up and starts on mine... So unlike you I'm my normal lean mean lovin' machine! ;)

  2. The stray mama-to-be I took in looked like she could have her babies any minute. One week later I took her to the vet who said she was fine. A week after that she gave birth to 7 babies! Anyway, I awoke one morning to her yelps and realized she was having her litter in the kitty carrier. While I was transfering her and the teeny babies to a larger area she could be by herself, my neutered male cat jumped over the bookshelves just to see what was going on. When the new mama took after him to get him away fom her babies...there was one hanging out of the birth canal. It was an interesting morning. Mama is gray. One kitten was black and white, one was gray with yellow spots and five were dark brown tiger stripped and nearly impossible to tell apart. All seven babies had four white feet.

  3. Wow, that would be a bit more interesting then i would want! Poor momma kitty! Glad things turned out well in the long run.
    I shudder to think of 7 babies though! I'm thinking she will have 2-3 at the most. fingers crossed!

  4. We still love the penthouse.... And we see you have tunnels too - not too bad altogether, right???