Feb. 06, 2008

This is the lazy day photo that wouldn't upload yesterdays

Here is a closer look, can you see pink claws on Belle?
( I is hiding my manicure, but Belle is showing off hers!)

Author: Napoleon

As you can see in this photo, lately we hasn't felt like doing a whole lots of nothing. Maybe its the winter drearyness finally crushing our little sun loving kitty selves? Oh, yeah, we get an occasional sunbreak...and we all make sure to be in our favorite room to catch those random spots of sun...but its not the same as a warm sunny spring day. Sigh! I was just a wee tot whens it was spring/summer time, but I remember it...I wants the sunshine and the fresh airs!

Oh forgotted to mention, this room is Great Grandma's room, formally the forbidden room. Its the sunnyist room in the whole house and we all love to lay on the quilt and the down comfortor. We hasn't figured how to get the birdies out of the comfortor, and they is awful quiet...but we can smells them in there. Ah well, we has to relax in the comfort, its too cold out to make a fuss. We also don't know why this room use to be forbiddens to us, I finks its cause thats where Momma use to keep the sunloving planties....the ones wif the delectables leaves that dangle like great giant green toys and snacks! Nows that we is allowed in that room, the plants have moved to anofer room, but its not nearly as sunny in theres and they isn't doing as well. Even the plants are wishings for spring!!


  1. Oh you do look sweet all snuggled up like that Napoleon! I just wanted to remind you and your sisters that I'm having a tea party next "Tummy Tuesday" - I'd love it if you'd come :)

  2. We're all wishing for spring. It will come eventually.

    jans funny farm

  3. What a pwetty manicure!