Feb 24, 2008

Blanket is getting bigger

Author: Momma

I almost forgot to put the updated photo of my blanket on for today! Been busy, so not much time to chat. However, its progressing so quickly I think I might run out yarn! I'm out of cash at the moment, so if I run out of yarn I'll have to post a picture of it and let you all know when I get another chance to start working on it again.
As you can tell, everytime I lay the blanket down to take a photo of it...one of the cats attempt to claim it! This time Belle is making her statement of interest! On a side note, I do belive she is pregnant since her belly is starting to get firmer. I think she is probably 20-30 days into it. No way to know for sure until we get about 10-15 more days into it, then I'll be able to pinpoint a delivery date. I really wish that Greatgrandma hadn't let her out of the house, since Belle did have an appointment for a spay 2 weeks ago. But since she is pregnant, now I'll have to wait till after the babies are born and weaned before I can get her spayed. I will keep you all up to date on that as well. Have to run. Thanks for stopping in!!


  1. So Belle is being a copy cat! Napoleon thought as much last time I spoke to him about this... ;) It's now just 12 days until Isis due date and starting to get hard for a mancat to get any peace round here!