Feb. 08, 2008

I is contented

Momma made somethings funny looking...

Author: Raowr

Abouts those bluey things, Momma was trying to make something square, but she ended up making something round. So she gotted frustrated and finally just closed up the top and added a tail to it. I is contented cause now I has two homemade toys! I guessed that Momma was trying to remember how to make a blanket. She use to make them, she maded one 10 years ago for Grandma and she knows how to do it...but the problem is its different when you first start it. Once you has it going, it just gets super duper easy. But that first time around you has to do it a certain way and Momma can'ts remember how! Sads for Momma but happys for me! She boughts two things of blue and two things of purple yarn to make the start of a lap blanket for GreatGrandma, but now that she can't figure out how to start it...I might get a ton of funny looking kitty toys. I don't mind!


  1. Those toys are very cute and you *do look content!

    Happy Weekend,

  2. Oh yer we love our crochet toys! The 'nip pillows are the bestest! :)

  3. Oh Napoleon iffen you want to see some Isis belly, come look at the photos I just posted! Just don't tell on me or I'm one beaten up brother... ;)