Feb 20, 2008

We has been bad!!

And a closer up picture of the naughtyness!

Author: Napoleon

I feel that I is not wholy responsible for the mess and mistchief that has occured, so I is saying "we" is the ones that dids this. Course it truely is a record amount of damage to punish our Momma, one that we thinks HRH Yao-Lin would definetly approve.
What happened you ask? Well Momma and Great went away on Monday afternoon. They left us alone all afternoon and did not come home till Tuesday late morning!! Momma says its cause she had to take Grandma to the airport at an unmentionable time in the morning so they went and stayed overnight. Well, its all her fault. She left us alone! So we decided to get up to a naughty place and nevermind what was in our way! Momma stores bowls and plastic containers on top of the fridgerator. We wanted to get up there and since there was no beans to say "no" we did. Course everything fells down and broked all over the place. OOOOhhhh Momma was mad!!!!!!
She had to get up at 645am and then drive 1 and 1/2 hours to the pick up all the aunties and takes them to the airport. Then she had to drive an 1 and 1/2 hours back to Grandma's house to trade cars (momma's isn't big enough for 5 beans). Then Momma had to drive another hour out to our house. So by the time she got homes, she was exhausted and the day was just really getting started. Cause now, she had to clean up our mess, refill our water and food bowls and and....well, I hopes she learned her lesson and never never leaves us alones again!!

Here is the latest photo of the blanket

Momma says its not getting big as fast as it was and the changes aren't as dramatic at this point as they were when you first starts it. Now she will post every Sunday and you can see each week till its done.


  1. Oh no - I hope it wasn't precious?

    Nice blanket.

    Poppy Q

  2. Oh it was My Mummy who did the bowl breaking here the other day, we're just so well behaved we never do things like that... Well not that often! ;)

  3. ahahahaha oh good work! id yao-lin teleport over and help you by any chance??? :)

    ise hope the stuff wasn't precious to your Bean! x

  4. Serves her right for leaving you all alone! You tell her!

    Luf, Us

  5. Oah Dear~
    I hope you won't get into any trouble!

  6. Napoleon you naughty boy!

  7. Oh dear...of course it's not any of your fault.

  8. oh my cat. That is an example of fantastic human punishment. Whilst I accept the urge to declare it was not your fault, i think we both know it was deliberate, calculated and best of all - completely unexpected by the human. Well done! bravo! Excellent work! xx