Feb 13, 2008

Look, more swimmings snacks!!

Author: Napoleon

Ah yes, Momma has boughted more swimming snacks. They is very fast and its super hard to get a photo of thems. She actually boughted 5 of thems and two mysteriously stopped swimming within just days of each other. Then Momma cruelly put a piece of wood over the opening at the back of the tank. Sighs, they are soooo yummy...why did she block the access to our snack bowl??

As promised an Updated photo of the blanket

Momma is include an updated photo of her blanket she is making for Great. We finks it will be great for us to sits on and lays on. We loves to play wif the string when Momma is crocheting. She doesn't has the calluses she use to have, so she can only corchet for maybe an hour at a time. But its getting big super fast. It always goes fast at the beginings, but when it gets really really big it can take up to an hour to go one time around it!! Thats a tv tray pretty soon the blanket won't fit on it so she will have to put it on the floor to take a photo...thats when we make our move and claim it as ours! hehehehe


  1. Ooh you've got swimming snacks!? I've never tried one of those, our swimming snacks live in the garden pond... :( That's a very purrty blanket too, just about the right size for a cat... ;)

    Now I'z gotta know where you're taking me for my Valentines Day dinner?! Come on Napoleon I'z just gotta know, is it an all you can eat buffet or just a large bucket of KFC?


  2. Wow! Swimming snacks! Mine swimming snack just stopped swimming a few days ago. I is sad! But mine Mummy wefused to buy anymore swimming snacks for me!

  3. Swimming snacks! Maybe she blocked access to them because she wanted them to be your Valentine's Day gift!

    Purrs, Tamra