Feb. 9, 2008

This is after about 2 hours of crocheting

This is about an hour maybe an hour and half later

Author: Momma
I just wanted to share this with you all. After 2 days and countless false starts, I finally remembered how to start the blanket! And I was right, once you do the start part...the rest is super duper easy. Its the first 4 main support stitches that require something slightly different. The rest just falls into place after that!! YEAH!!

It goes fairly fast once you get the hang of it, and you redevelop the calluses and the desensitivity to the pain in your fingers. lol I'll try to post every sunday at least one photo of the blanket as it grows. Right now there will be rather dramatic differences every day so I might update on the tail end of wednesday and then again on sunday. :)

To be honest though, its a good thing this is for just fun and to have an extra blanket...cause there are an awful lot of um "loose" interpretations when it comes to the exact stitch count.


  1. Oh, my Mommie used to be able to make those little squares and then hook them up into a blanket. She has not done the crochet in a really long time and forgot how, now.

  2. That's so cool! Mine Mummy can never do things wike that!

  3. puddyluvstweetyFebruary 10, 2008

    My Mommy wants to know if you could tell us how to make a pretty blankie like that?

  4. Puddyluvstweety, you didn't leave your bloggie address...so Momma cant' find you to reply!
    She wanted to say that some people make a square then connect it to another square and another ect...some just make one square and keep adding on to it around and around and around!
    When Momma made the big big blanket for Grandma, she says at the very end it would take over an hour to make one complete circuit of the square! It was the biggest blanket ever and she gave it to Grandma for christmas many years ago.

  5. puddyluvstweetyFebruary 10, 2008

    Sorry I forgot to leave my Mommy's email address. She hasn't made me a bloggie. Her email address is: puddyluvstweety@gmail.com

  6. Your mommy is very talent!!!!! Michico can't able to do that~!! So beautiful!!

  7. What a wonderful blanket! Do you get to sleep on it?


  8. Oh that's very purrty! Mummy makes us all crochet blankets here, and crochet covered 'nip pillows! :)

    I'z hope Napoleon is ready to take me out on Valentines Day! :) I'm certain and all you can eat buffet is the bestest idea as my belly's growing like mad at the moment! ;)