Feb 17, 2008

As you can see the blanket no longer fits on the tv tray

So, I put it on the floor where Napoleon immediately layed claws on it!

In the final photo, Napoleon trys to lay claim to the blanket.

Author: Momma

Now I say that Napoleon tried to lay claim to it, because to be fair I told all the kittys this blanket was not for them when I first started making it. Its suppose to be for GreatGrandma if I just get working on it again. Have to shove a rather large furry blob off of it first...lol.

Just a quick note, I probably won't have a post here on Monday since we are going out of town tomorrow afternoon. Napoleon will post his regular post again on Wednesday.


  1. I shall carefully inform Isis that she won't be getting any Napoleon today... She's a little demanding of late, so might not appreciate this or my being the bearer of the news either!

    I'z most impressed with the blanket however it's the wrong colours for my furs, I's got a black, brown and cream one and have been eyeing up some more wool even more the colour of my furs! :)

  2. that is one comfy looking blanket! i would not let it go if i were you :)

    ps - i just seenthe swimming snack i your other post, they look VERY nice :) x

  3. Dear Napoleon..we will be in your Portland so send the purrrs slightly northeast of where you are. Thank you for thinking of us we appreciate it very much. Did you know that I am your sweetheart Isis's Lady In Waiting? She is a very special kitty indeed. I am so pleased to know that you both belong to each other.
    Love Miss Peach