Feb. 07, 2007

Back again!

This picture you can see CGPH is trying to hide in the doorway to pounce on unsuspecting MeiLin. hehe!

After a very very long week, I'm grateful to be home again with my loving darlings.
Sadly, was not able to get the cheap spay I was suppose to be able to get. And of course, MeiLin is back in heat. This morning she escaped outside for 6 hours, and I had to go over hill and dale to get her back. She was not a pretty creamy white color, she was now all muddy brown. She did not appriciated the bath but it was a nonnegotiable event...lol.
She doesn't have her collar on right now, because she is still grooming herself dry. So I have to be extra careful and not even open the front door until she gets her collar back on. I'm worried she might have met a friendly boy kitty during her six hour adventure. She still seems to be in heat, but I'm not sure how long that lasts after they have an indiscretion. Will she for sure be pregnant or maybe fingers crossed and no kittens??
I assure you if there are kittens, that I will be very very dillagent and find them all great homes, but I really am hoping that this will not be the case. I'm going to start calling around and find out if there is a place I can get the spay done for less then the 150 dollar price I've been quoted. I was suppose to get it for only 15 dollars. HUGE difference. :(


  1. Some of the rescue groups and humane societies or even city shelters have spay/neuter "coupons" that give you a discounted rate at vets who agree to do low cost spay/neuters. Call around to lots of groups and such to see if you can get something. They are more interested in spaying/neutering than seeing another unwanted litter be born. Also, even if she had an indiscretion and was pregnant, the spay will take care of that. It will cost more because the surgery is more difficult because the area is more blood engorged.
    You might even check with Best Friends to see if they have any partnering groups/vets in your area. There has got to be some low cost alternatives for you.

  2. The local humane society here is the one I'm trying to get the coupon through that I'm having the issue with, but I'll see if there's any other ones in the area that might be offering coupons or low cost.

  3. yikes! I got coupons too - from the Feral Cat Alliance, who loaned me the cage to trap my little darlings. I didn't even think "full price" was that much.