Sept 5, 2007

Momma looked all over before she found us!

ummm We're totally innocent, not kanoodling!!!!

These are pictures of me and Belle snuggling. Momma has a big blue laundry hamper that she puts all the clothes she doesn't wear or doesn'ts like and when the hamper is all fulls, she donates it. We finks its a great hideout!!
Todays Mini Meezer rule: When your beans are away, destroy destroy destroy! Mwahahaha!!!!!
Nows, on to our Noncontest Contest winner! The winner is
HRH Yao-Lin as he came up with many things fors us to do while momma was away. Infact, we's likeded the ideas so much that we actually dids alot of them!
First we decideded that even though we have always ignored the toilet paper before, now would be a greats time to unroll the entire thing all over the bathroom! Thens we decided to track litter everywhere...on momma's bedspread, on her pillow, all over the house! hehehe Finally we decided to rearranged the rugs and then as an after thoughts we pulled one of the parts of the blinds off. This blinds if for the sliding glass door ands each one is on a seperates plastic we just selecteded one at random ands pulled. It gave in eventually and tumbled down! And the bested parts is that its plasticy connector is broken now and she can'ts put it back ups ever!yippie!!! We ares the rulers of this place and obviously momma hasn't truely understood this before, but we are well on ours way to training her.
Also to adds extra punishments to momma, when she got homes the firsted things she did was start cleanings our litterbox. So when momma was cleaning one of them, Belle raned into the other one and started a stinky one. Thens, she got too excited and didn't burrys it..instead she gots it stuck on her foot! She jumps out of the box and flings poo on the walls and floors before runnings across the carpet leaving stinky fun alongs the way. This was especially fun for momma who still had to puts grocerys away, clean the other litterbox, remake her bed,rewash her bedspread and pillow, put dirty clothes in the wash, refill our water dishes, try to fix the blinds, put the rugs back in the right parts of the house, throw away all the shredded toilet paper, and now start cleaning the poo from the walls,floors, and carpet at 9 o clock at night. Oh yeahs, and she hads to pet us cause we was all yowling and gettings in her way till she obeyed!


  1. Looks like a good place to hide in to me too, but just make sure you two don't get donated too! ;)

  2. MWA HAHAHAHAHA !!! Now THAT is excellent work!!!! I am completely impressed. Well done and THANK YOU for taking my advice on board and allowing me to win my first contest! I am grateful and I have posted a pic of myself as well as an appropriate meezer rule concerning the non contest! Thanks again guys and I have to say it again: excellent work!!!! xxxx

  3. Don't get donated by mistake. FAZ

  4. Good work!! Wow, I'm very impressed, that's better than I've ever done. I especially like the poo tracking, brilliant!!


  5. Excellent poo flinging! Especially at 9 at night. Awesome work!

  6. Haha, that white thing on the sofa behind me is the computer cable so I can blog from the comfort of the sofa! But that is funny thinking I was spraying.


  7. We like the second picture of you the best :-)

    Our mom locks us away in a prison room every night... because we are "pests" with all things poo and getting into things.

    Mom thinks she should get to sleep all night haha

  8. i am glad you have been so productive - and in complete Meezer fashion too! :)