Sept. 1, 2007

My super special post!

Momma was gone forever and a day its seems likes she is always going away. I haven't figured outs yet how to punish her, so I is starting a non-contest contest...hehe. I don'ts have no green papers to give out prizes, but the kitty or bean who gives us the bestest idea how to creatively punish momma for her absences will get a special blog post written by us about you! We will turn our blog it a online types newspaper and make a story all abouts get thinking, and write in the comments section a good idea to mess with our momma. You have until Sept. 3rd to put in your ideas, and on the fourth I wills pick the winner and then later that week I wills write the special story! So get working!!


  1. hmmm, how to get the mama? what about limping real bad and crying effery time you puts down your right leg and actin' all like she stepped on yer footsie and make her giv you lots of temptations and stuff? oh, and sit next to her and cry, all day, and don't let her pet you, just cry and whine and limp. oh, and also mak her beg to pet you. how bout that?

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. oh, and one more fing, yak up somefing too...

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. Have any of you learned how to lift the toilet seat up yet?

  4. Hmmm ... We like to wrinkle up our noses at our food (especially when we know that Mom used a coupon or got a buy-one-get-one deal. She doesn't buy the cheap stuff, but it gets the point across when we refuse to eat somethin' ...

    Oh, or barfin' something in her shoes. That's ALWAYS a winner ... 'specially when the hacked up barf gets cold and slimy overnight. Hee, hee ...

  5. Scruffy made my beans guilty by greeting them at the door and telling them, endlessly, about what happened while they were gone. She was velcroed to their legs and meowin until she went hoarse, then meowed hoarsely. Even the pet sitter said she demanded more attention than her other charges, she seemed so needy! Believe me, this made Mom an Dad feel really bad about goin away.

  6. Scruffy was a wimp, but as the first cat to own my man, she trained him right.
    I suggest you meet your bean(s) at the door with hisses, snarls, growls, and then hide. Act like not only are they strangers, but unwelcome strangers. Whap at their hands when they reach out. Hide and refuse to come out and eat or drink. About the time they're talking about the "vet," walk out, say hello, and go eat. All's well, what's all the fuss about?
    That'll show them!

  7. oh, my, this contest was MADE for me!

    Ways to punish a human:

    1. Shredding all of the toilet paper is always a good idea, especially if it creates a confetti like effect all over the house. Takes hours to clean up.

    2. Poo prints and litter all over the house, all over the counters, all over the human clothes.

    3. Have you thought about breaking down the washing line? I recently snapped ours in two, just by launching myself at it. The human had to buy a new one.

    4. Similarly, you could jump on the curtains and rip them down. Best to do this when the human is out as it can take repeated attempts.

    5. Climbing up the human's back. It hurts, they will howl but they won't throw you off because they love you and they don't want to scare you, plus even if they try you can use your claws to cling on. Just jump up and dig in, do it slowly and don't let go. Try and draw blood where possible.

    6. Bunnykick the human's leg when they least expect it. When they are asleep causes the most upset.

    7. Breaking ornaments - always a firm favourite of mine! Casually knock them off the windowsill/shelf and then run away when they scatter into pieces. Pick the most expensive objects that are placed far out of reach.

    8. Refuse to eat for a few days. Your human will panic. Trust me on this. She may even cry a little. Keep it up - it is a great punishment to watch the humans when they are upset!

    9. Leave a dead mouse somewhere in the house. Then forget about it for a few weeks. The stench will emanate throughout the place but the human won't be able to find it anywhere! Eventually, when the human moves house, she will find a decapitated mouse rotting under the sideboard and think to herself ' no wonder the place stank so much. Gosh, the amount of money I spent on bleach!'

    Mwa hahaha have fun punishing your human, I can't wait to hear what you did! Hope these suggestions help xx

  8. do a tummy sick-up right by the front door - so when she comes in she will step right in to it...she won't realise at first (cos she is wearing shoes) and she will tread it further in down the hallway! works even better is you have a light coloured carpet!

    last time my meowmie went away i constipated myself and she had to cancel the rest of her holiday and come home 3 days early! that was a brilliant trick! xxx

  9. oh, PS - i've given your momma an award, check out my blog xxx

  10. Could you please have your momma contact me at darlingmillie AT gmail DOT com?

    Thank you!

  11. Hmmmm, how to mess with yur momma? Well, you might try what I tried today. I sharpened my claws on my Momma's butt. Yeah, you read that right. Momma was messin' around inna kitchen, and I was MAOin' and MAOin' at her, sayin' MAO MAO MAO MAO MAO, and she MAOed back at me, but I didn't want her to MAO back at me I wanted her to give me some more stinky goodness efun though I'd already had some. So to get her attenshun, I stretched up and sharpuned my claws on her butt. She sez "OW MAO, OW MAO! My butt isn't a scratch pad."

    I didn't give her a bad owie or nuthin'. And it was fun! hehehe, beans are fun to play with!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. Actually, Yao-lin forget the best trick he and Baby Moa pulled, they unplugged the refrigerator and when the slaves came home, the freezer portion had melted all over the floor, and everthing in it was spoiled!

    I'm also a fan of Bonnie's method, completely ignore them, refuse to go around them, and refuse to eat.

    Now, one of my own trick. Find a lamp that is still plugged in, preferably turned on and on a table with a sharp ledge. If it is positioned just right, you can whap it off the table, it will go over the ledge and fray the cord. This will cause an electrical short to blow a fuse in the entire house. Now, you have not only defrosted the refrigerator, but turned off the entire house! Oh my, havoc will prevail!


  13. ooh I thought of one more; when my humans went to Amsterdam, Mao and I were so angry we defrosted the freezer. Seriously, water everywhere and all that food wasted. Mwa ha ha ha x

  14. Oooohs, there is so many great great ideas...including a few that we have done already...hehehe


  15. Dang we missed it! Sorry but we were locked in a room all weekend. What a great idea!!