Sept. 7, 2007 Part 1

Bow Down to His Royal Highness Yao-lin!

Today's blog is written in story format by the Momma in honor of HRH Yao-lin

Once in a land not too distant from here, there was a fine young meezer male named Yao-lin. He was the last in a long line of Royal Meezers, but he didn't intend to end his royal line. Somewhere along the way he had lost his Princess and Yao-lin awoke one lazy afternoon to the sudden realization he had put off his search for Her Royalness for far too long.
His Royal Highness decided to send out a message far and wide in the hopes of hearing from his lost Princess.
" To all cats of royal and lesser birth, (the letter said)
There comes a time in a Royal Cat's life when he realises he needs to stop sniffing the roses or the nip so much, and get down to the business of begatting a heir. I know I had a royal Princess, but somehow I misplaced her. I think that its the fault of the human slaves, but they aren't owning up to their responsibilities in this matter.
Therefore I will offer a reward for news that leads to my beautiful Princess, one hundred pounds of international high grade nip.
Signed, Your King and Mighty Ruler Yao-lin

Once the letter hit the internet there was much interest, but sadly no one could come forward with true facts about the missing Royal Princess. Infact, HRH Yao-lin wasn't too sure about his memory and started digging around his own royal house for information.
He was startled to come upon a picture of his royal bride to be, but the picture was in his brother's hideyhole! Obviously Baby Mao didn't know that Yao-lin knew all of Mao's hiding spots!!! Oh the hissing started right away, but Mao told his brother he knew nothing of the Princess, infact, he had found the picture of the beautiful Meezer Princess in the human slaves possesion and had stolen it because he was half in love with her, just from the picture!
Yao-lin decided to accept that for now, but he had much to think about. HRH had to come up with a way to punish the humans for hiding his beloved's picture. Those lowly humans were the reason he had forgotten about her for so long! What if something had happened to her while he was nipped out, passing the days away in a nip-fog??

I (the Momma) am having such a great time writing this, that I will post this now, and think up the next segement to post later in the day, hope you all enjoy it so far!!


  1. hehee excellent story!! Cant wait to read the next part! That sounds like something baby mao would do, he is always taking my things!

    He he he


  2. Fun fun fun!! Its almost like a birthday present for me reading about HRH.


  3. Yes, this is wonderful! Too bad there only seem to be three parts...