Sept. 7, 2007 Part 2

Thinking of his missing Meezer Princess

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HRH Yao-lin had thought long and hard about how to punish his humans. He began a path of destruction unheard of in its creativity and completeness throughout the palace. The stunned expressions and woeful hearts that his humans carried with them were only the beginning, for there was also a stinky surprise outside of the royal litterbox, and it was carefully covered by the scratching motions that pulled the bathroom rug out of the bathroom and over the top of the stinkyness!! Mwaaahaaaa! The shredded toilet paper path that lead from the bathroom to the stinky mess extended down the hallway and Yao-lin decided to get back at Baby Mao at the same time, so he carefully let the trail end at Mao's favorite napping spot! Teach him to steal HRH's things!!!
HRH Yao-lin sauntered off secure in the knowledge that his punishments for his humans and his brother was complete, for today. However, that left him still saddened by the knowledge that his perfect glorious Meezer Princess was out there, lost and all alone. How could she have survived without his brilliant plots and plans, his creative control over humans? Maybe she had been forced to think that she -The Royal Meezer Princess- was *gasp* a lowly pet?!!
Oh the whoas and moans that fell down around HRH Yao-lin as his humans discovered each of his carefully chosen punishments could not distract him from his sadness at losing his beautiful MP. He had already sent out a letter, he had found her picture, but he was still no closer to finding her.
So with heavy heart Yao-lin decided to forgo his pampered life and step outdoors. The sights,sounds,and smells were slightly familiar as he had taken some small strolls around his royal gardens before, however this was not to be a leisurely romp through the flowers. No, it was time to put all his incredible smarts into finding his lost Meezer Princess. HRH Yao-lin put his sleek body into motion and gracefully leaped the fence that the stupid humans had thought would keep him contained. His powerful paws barely touched the top of the fence as he bounced off and down to the cement outside his palace.

Will write and post more later in the day....stay tooned for the exciting conclusion to HRH Yao-lin's story.


  1. I am on the edge of my seat - this is a very suspenseful story!

  2. Very good attention grabbing story indeed!


  3. MOL that is so cool!! Yes, definitely has the royal seal of approval. I can't wait to hear the rest! xx

  4. We is havings an issue and can't seems to get to HRH Yao-lin's blog. Our momma needs to do somes research before she can do the final exciting conclusion part of the story.
    Hopefully blogger wills get fixed before too long!!


  5. We gots the problem fixed, and momma is gots some great ideas for the final chapter in Yao-lin's quests for his Royal Princess...though there is a disturbing plot twist coming up...stays tooned!


  6. hehehe, whatta fun story! I'm hangin' onna edge of my window perchie to hear the rest!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  7. Oh, this is great....
    I am glad I can go to the next post right away and don't have to wait!