Sept. 10, 2007

Going nuts for our Holiday Gizzy Quilt!

This blur you sees is Hunter going nutty for his Gizzy Quilt made by the lady at Darling Millie's blog . Our momma is suffering a deficiet of the green papers, but a lovely fellow kitty blogger chose to send us this wonderful quilt!! We was so surprised and happy!!! We isn't gonna posted her name, till we asks her if its ok first. But she knows how happys we is and how wonderfuls we and our momma thinks she is!!!

Alsos we wanted to takes a minutes here and tell each and every person and kitty thanks for the greats comments and supports you gave our momma for her story writting! We knows momma loved hers time on the computer and the writings, and we may let her have access to the computers again sometimes, if we needs her help wif another story. :)


  1. I can see you are going pretty crazy over your Nip Ravioli, too!

    Glad you and your momma like your Holiday Gizzy Quilt.

    Now if only Mom had made one for me...

  2. Beautiful quilt - that was so sweet of someone!

  3. That is so lovely! We LOVE our Gizzy Quilt! What a nice lady to have sent it to you.


  4. That is a really pretty Gizzy holiday quilt!