Sept 14, 2007

This is just going to be a picture of me, right??

Hi everybodys!! Just incase you missed me divebombings all your bloggies to brags about it...I, Napoleon, was the Daily Kitten yesterdays (9-13-07)! Did you know, we hads about 2200 visitors in one day????? Thats a freakin amazing! Its too bads I didn'ts have more warnings I was gonna be featured or I would have sets up my world dominations plan. Think of that 2200 new minions to spread my cuteness arounds the world!! Sigh its ok...Momma has been workings really really hards lately tryings to get a super cute photo of me for Cute Overload. I feels that with the super popularity of that website...if I could gets on there, I woulds have the world dominations in my little paws!! And I isn't sharing with my brofur or my sistur!!!

I has lots to talk about this week...and I didn'ts get around to all of look for another saturday special post tomorrow. Wowwies you all is so lucky, you got two extra doses of me in one week!!!!


  1. I've got to tell you Napolean, you're so cute you could take over the world! Who could deny that face?? Not me and I'm a big Mancat. I'm ready to share my stinky goodness withthat face.
    You should be very proud. Concatulations!!!!

    PS we've been following your story but mommy can't always leave comments at work in case customers come in. Fantastic job. Have you considered sending it to Max the Psychokitty's new book? You should. The info is on his site.

  2. What a beautiful photo!
    You're right pets are for life...
    I have 3 roborovski hamsters they are so entertaining... they do everything together. Yesterday I even saw 2 drinking the waterbottle at the same time... one saw the other doing it and decided to join in...
    Great blog you got here.
    I'm at gledwood2.blogspot if you want to drop by you're most welcome.
    See you later maybe...
    All the best

    "vol 2" ...

  3. Congratulations on being the daily kitten. You really are beautiful. Good luck with the world domination plans. Thank you for visiting my blog.