June 25, 2007

My Second Day

As you can tell, in my second day I progressed from being sole ruler of the bathroom to conquering all of the master bedroom. I fearlessly encountered and won over the great and mighty big kitty who tells me his proper name is Growly Pants the mighty Hunter. I think he makes an excellent pillow! We snuggled right away and he became my new big brother. He tells me he misses his sister, MeiLin, an awful lot and that it makes it a little easier to have another part meezer in the family. My new momma talks about MeiLin too, I never seen her, but I smell where she use to cuddle up on my momma's pillows and I decided thats a great spot to sleep too.

My momma is gonna turn off the computer for a few days cause she's got to go to the hospital for an angiogram, but as soon as she gets home she promised I can get back on and post more adorable pics of my cute Napolean self!


  1. You are really really cute!
    We hope your mom's angiogram went well. Tests are always skeeery.
    We are sending strong purrs for good results!

  2. Just wanted to pop in and let you all know the test went fine...it was what my doctor calls a false positive and turns out my ticker is just fine.
    I'm still out of town, till Monday so won't be able to blog till then. But I look forward to seeing what everyone has been blogging about this week when i return.