July 4, 2007

No more photos today Mom!!!

I have had enough photos today mom, its a holiday!! Besides you said I could look at that cute overload website to see if I'm gonna be on it some day, cause darn it, I is ador-able!!!

HAPPY 4TH Everyone!!! See you after the holiday!


  1. Hi there!
    We have not been visiting around much, so please do not think we are blogger snobs (they are out there).
    Mommie has been gigantically busy with Caesar mostly... and the girl beans and the neighbors kitties too.

    You two kitties are so cute and adorable... I think we are getting cute overload right here!

    happy 4th <3


  2. We are sorry - but we LOVE the picture. Yes, we understand that sometimes it might be too much to have that flashy thing going all day long (NOT Anastasia! Speak for yourself Karl!).
    But you are way too cute to not have your picture taken!

  3. yup - Cute Overload right here! bet people turn to mush and talk baby talk whenever they see you!

  4. You would look *great at the Cute Overload site!

  5. aww thanks everyone. That has to be one of my favorite pics of Napoleon so far. Even though he is really grooming, it looks like he's sticking his tongue out at me...which is his attitude most of the time..lol. We know who rules my house.

  6. Having a posting issue, someone let me know if they can see the post for the 7th. Thanks!