July 13, 2007

Mom!! He's ruining my closeup!!!

Happy friday the 13th! My momma says thats a special day, but I don't know why. Anyway as you can tell in this photo, my big brother Hunter had to stick his paw infront of my face just as mom was about to take MY close up! He's my bestest bud sometimes and a royal pain in my cute tushy other times.

Mom says she finally got the internet to work, but I think she's been holding out on me so she can hog it! Anyways, next week she says she'll let me post on monday, wednesday, and friday and that she's gonna make that "our" blogging days. I don't know what all this "our" is about cause I'm the one sitting here tippity typitting all the night long while she sleeps. Ohhh, that reminds me, time to run across her face to let her know I'm still awake...hehehe
See you all on monday, be careful of the black kitties this friday the 13th...unless they are named Hunter, Grr, Cocoa,or Midnight. ;)


  1. Oh my, that paw is definitely ruining the view of your cute face! I hope there will be ohther pictures of you? I will ome back and check it out.

  2. that's really cute (and funny)! hey Hunter - we just noticed that you aren't a member of the House Panthers yet. if you'd like to join, send us an e-mail to kch917@sbcglobal.net from the e-mail address you'd like to use, then we'll send you the invitation to join. purrs!