July 7, 2007

I'm doing something naughty!!!

Its been hot out lately so in the evenings momma opens up all the doors and windows. Not my fault they have this wonderful new scratching post material. I have to try my new very sharp claws on them!! Momma says "hhhiiissstttt" and "hey, stop that!" Like I know what she's talking about? Its ok, eventually I stopped on my own. Peoples gots to learn who is the real rulers in the relationship, and I'm teaching mine right from the start. (p.s I gots down just fine, no worries)

Hunter lets momma pick him up and do all sort of undignified smoochy things and he lets her rub his tummy alot. I let her know right away that I'm a very aristocratic kitty. I have my furry dignity!! I only let her do those mushy things when I first wake up or right before bed time. I still like to sleep in momma's bed, but now I curl up behind her back down where Hunter sleeps too. I really love my very big brother!! I'm lucky too that Hunter seems to have lots of energy and wants to play almost as much as me. He lets me run around and pounce on him and practice all my wrestling moves on him. Momma says I bonded with him, butI don't know what that means...cause I ain't seen no glues anywhere and I wouldn't like it in my fur anyways!

It my momma's 30th birthday today 7-7-07 (thats alot of 7's!!), so anyways she says I haves to be extra special nice today as her friend is coming to visit with her two twin girls. Momma said she's gonna bring out the flashy thing and take tons of pics, but she doesn't know I plan on hiding under the bed the whole time the drooling things are here! hehehe


  1. Happy Birthday to your momma! :)

  2. Happy birthday to your human! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am glad this blog is all about your human's pets. If, however, you ever feel the urge to post a picture of me in a bid to worship me more then trust me, I will understand.

    Ta ta for now

    HRH Yao-Lin xx

  3. I don't fink yur naughty. That's what the stuff is there fur, right?

    Happy birfday to yur mom.

  4. hehe thank you for recognising my greatness he he

    you ARE a part meezer beauty, too!

  5. ooh - Happy Birthday a little late to your momma!

    we remember when we could climb that thing - we're kinda too big now. bummer. that was fun!