July 25, 2007

Wrestling Wednesday

Thank you to all the kitties and beans who said I (Napoleon!)was the cutest one. And for those of you who said we were equally as cute or that Hunter was cute...well, I shall leave a steaming present for you! Mwaaahaaahaa! (lol)

Momma says she's getting ready for a trip soon. I don't know what that means, but Hunter says she goes away for a really long time and that she stops in every couple of days to empty the litter box, fill the water bowl, and importantests of all....fill the food thingie. My momma has weird business trips. She says its not feasible to stay overnight at home, but that she can steal 3 hours to come home and make sure we is ok. Plus she has the neighbor girl peek in the cat viewing window and make silly faces at us, while she is feeding the outdoor kitties everyday. WE have a special food dispenser that is really big, but the outdoor kitties don't have one cause of the 'coons. I haven't seen one of these things, but momma says they is verrrry big and eats lots of kitty food. Are they masked kitties? Why are they eating my big outdoor brother and sister's foods? Were they invited for dinner??

Anyways, momma says she'll try to post something from her momma's house where there is a momma kitty and 5 babies under the house, as well as two orange indoor/outdoor kitties. Momma stays at her momma's house when she is on her trips... I guess I'm still too little to figure out why I can't come with her. I promised to only half way terrorize the grandma's house if she would lets me come, but momma says not this time. We shall have to drag all of the toys out and leave them everywhere so that when momma stops by, she will trip on them....then she'll know she should have broughts us, well...at least me...hehehe.

PS...Momma found this and giggled hissssterically, I don't think its that funny, but you judge.


  1. thats a great video!!!

    I definitely think leaving steaming presents is the way to go, it works a treat! I hope you are all ok when your human is away - make sure you punish her for leaving you! xx

  2. hehehe, morphin' kitties! Them were some funky felines on that video.

    I'm sorry your momma has to go on a trip! And I dunno if 'coons are masked kitties or not but that's a furry good question. They sure are funny critters, aren't they?

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  3. haha that is a very cute video, but you two are very cute.
    we hope your mommie has a safe trip. she will miss you.

    Purrs, Princess