July 16, 2007

I love my big brother!!!

Here I am snuggled up again with my brother, Hunter. This is one of the few kinds of pictures my momma can get, because its the only time I'm not running all over the place. I've discovered its lots of fun to run across momma back and forth in the morning. Eventually she gets up, and I can attack her toes!!

My momma says I shoulds talk about some interesting things about myself that you might not know. So here is 3 things you might not knows about me:

1. I have a tiny kink in my tail.
You probably can't even see it, but when momma gives scritches and pets she says she feels it there.

2. I love cheese!!
Momma made the mistake of giving me a taste of cheese when she was cooking, now I sit under her feet when she goes in the kitchen and I let out a meow if she forgets to give me a bite!!

3. I love to jump off of stuff.
I think its super duper fun to climb up really high and jump! Momma thinks I'm a daredevil and can't believe how high I will climb. I likes to get up as high as possible and make a flying leap. I don't really jump, I hurtle myself out into space and I feel likes I am flyin!!!

And now its time to go beg my brother to play a game of hide and pounce~! See you all on wednesday!


  1. are you as soft as you look? you look like you've got angora sweater fur.

  2. Dang, you are just to cute! Hi, we'z seen yoo guys commenting on other bloggies and thawt "hey, we don't know these guys" so here we are! How many of you are there? Are you troo siblings or 'dopted siblings? We'z bookmarked you so we can come back and see you again!

  3. Are you a lilac-point, sweetie? Your coloring is so delicate ...

    That's a sweet picture!

  4. You look very sweet snuggled there with your brother, Napoleon.
    You are right kittenhood is a good time when you run all over the place! So many things to investigate and snoopervise.

    Try not to do too many bad things in one day...


  5. Hi! I saw your link at the House Panthers and can't believe I haven't made it over here before. What a fun site and fun kitties you are. I too am a House Panther and I'm 4 1/2.
    I never do anything naughty, but I have an evil alter ego named Bendrix who does. I'm an only kitty (a rescue with FIV & IBS & my beans can't afford another sick kitty right now) so I like seeing pictures of siblings snuggling.

  6. PS stop by and visit me sometime when you wake up!

  7. that is a cute picture. You know, little brothers can catch us off guard sometimes he he xx