November 3, 2006

Another picture of the mystery Meezer when she met MeiLin.

Good mews everybody! The mystery Meezer was on my neighbors porch when I returned home today!!! She started meowing up a storm once she realised the food provider was I had my 2 cats, plus Pepper already on my front porch bawling for food, so I put theirs out then braved the pouring rain to lure Mystery Meezer over to my house. I put food down a safe distance from the other kitties and she started eating right away. Looks like I have two wayward souls to feed in addition to my three faithful companions this winter. I'll just buy an extra bag of food each month. I can't take on the vet responsiblities of two more kitties but its my hope that if no one claims the Mystery Meezer I can adopt her out to a new wonderful home. I'm still working on getting the neighbor to give up Pepper so I can place him with another home, specially since they never ever feed him, but the only way they will give him up is if I keep him forever( so the kids could still play with him without responsibility is my guess), and I just can't afford all the shots, and neutering of four kitties. I know my financial limit is three cats, though I do take in strays frequently and feed them up to a good weight and then adopt them out to new homes. But the annual vet bill of four or more is just a bit more then I can handle. I'd have 15 kitties, if I could afford it. :)
The Mystery Meezer is very friendly to other people, but not to other she'd have to go to a 1 pet only home. But other then being thin, she appears to be in good health. About the same age as MeiLin maybe a month or so older, but under a year old.


  1. we're furry glad ta here that The MM was safe and waiting for you. all the kitties seem to know what a good purrson you are!

  2. Glad to hear another poor little kitty found a rescuer.

  3. glad to hear he was there. its nice of you to take care of him.

  4. yup, you have the feline equivalent of the hobo sign for "you can get a good meal here" scratched on your house somewhere. that proves kitties are smart, 'cause they know when somebody good will take care of them--like you. may g*d bless you always for your kindness to the lost and strayed!! we know you'll do your best for efurry one that comes your way.

    purrs & headbutts,

    nels, ed, nitro, & xing lu (who doesn't like other cats either, but manages to co-exist with the woofers and dirtyboycats;-)