November 6, 2006

This is MeiLin at my mom's house playing with a black feather boa.

She stops playing long enough for me get an unblurry pic (sortof)!

MeiLin here, I snucked in the typity room when my bean went to get more coffees. tee hee hee. She's been keeping me outs of the typity room cause last times I snucked in and played with the dangling things behinds the big machine. Hows was I suppose to know it would make everythings go all black and fritzy? Good things I'm super cutes. Thats what the bean says all the time, mostly afters I do something against these mysterious "rules". I can't figure out what "rules" mean, but I break them alots...I like breakings things...mostly if it makes lots of noise, it needs to be broked!

Now about this here two photos she's postings today, they don't do just-ices to the joys of a whole toy made alls out of feathers. Oh the joys, the sheer extacys! I trieded real hard to make the bean bring it with us whens we leaved to come back home. But she said it belong to her neice and wasn't really a kitty toy. What? Everythings is a kitty toy and everythings belongs to me! Beans, what you gonna do? Haven't they figured out that cats are the centers of the universe and the rightful rulers of all?
Uh oh, I hears the footsteps. I got to scoot before I gets caught...hehehe. I'll sneaks in agains when the bean forgets about the dangling toys behind the typity machine.


  1. Oh, you do look super cute playing with he boa. It takes some time to train the beans, be patient.

  2. you is a cutzie-pie, miss meilin!! we has just discovered how much fun fev-vers are, so we know you're havin' a good time! we are so glad the bean took you to raise in a furever home.


    nelson, ed, nitro, & xing lu

  3. fev-ver hev-ven! ya know, they sells those in PetSmart in the KITTY TOYS aisle, so 'course they're toys!

  4. Uh oh, MeiLin read that now she insists that I get one that is pretty with lots of feathers and it will be her toy and no one elses. lol

  5. the ones we saw have little tiny barrels at the end that you can fill with nip - that makes attacking a fev-ver boa even more exciting