Nov. 30, 2006

Today MeiLin was the Cat of the day over on Kat's Cat of the day blog!

This is MeiLin getting the news! Doesn't she look surprised! lol
Here is a link to the blog that has the Cat of the Day. I will add it to my link list over on the right hand side, incase I forgot to already! :)


  1. That's a nice basket and blankie you has.

  2. what a cute expression! mei lin is so pretty. her coloring is gorgeous and she has beautiful eyes.
    i have a basket exactly like that and it is a favorite of tigerlily's too! (she is currently crashed out in it).
    congrats on being kat of the day!!

  3. Oh, how pretty! She's a lilac-point?

  4. I think she's a lilac point, not sure...since I adopted her as an adult and not from a breeder. I think she's a mix, cause she has adorable freckles on her paws and legs.