Nov. 7, 2006

I have no fear, I am WonderKitty!

This is MeiLin up on the top of the door in the bathroom. She has no fear! I wish she would have stood still for a second so I could get the camera focused, but my guess is she just wanted to get up there to see what it would be like...she jumped down right after I snapped this pic.


  1. How did she ever get up there? That's pretty high up. Wow.

  2. She is the WonderKitty, thats how she got up Actually the bathroom counter isn't too far from the door and she either leapt from there or she jumped from the bathtub rim to the towel rack and then up to the door. She's very skilled at getting very high up.

  3. yikes! Midnight's been trying to reach the ceiling, but she's never gotten that far!