Nov 24, 2006

MeiLin meets Ringo

A few days ago a new kitten showed up on my front porch. He was bawling, wet, cold, and starving. Of course I have a super soft heart for animals, so I put out extra food. He's been camped out on the front porch ever since. I brought him in to introduce him to MeiLin since they are about the same age. I don't want to rush it, but I would like to get a companion for her maybe after I get my yearly raise. So, I'm going to see if Ringo gets along with her...and then get him neutered and make him an indoor kitty.
Oh, the reason I named the new boy kitten Ringo is he has this tail you wouldn't believe. When its cold or he is startled it fluffs up huge and its also unusually long with bands of lighter grey that make ring patterns. He holds it straight up and curved slightly kind of like a Lemur does. Its a cute cat, but I don't know if you can tell in that photo...he is so incredibly thin. I can feel every bone in his body. Poor baby!!
There is something thats starting to bother me though, I don't know if my neighborhood is filled with bad pet owners who starve their pets. Or if people are coming up to the wooded area behind the developement and dumping off their animals thinking that they will hunt mice in the woods and live happy and free? This is the second stray that was obviously someone's pet that has shown up at my house.
I still have Mystery Meezer, but she is scared of the new arrival and I worry she isn't getting her share of the food. I'm gonna have to get another food bowl and put it in a different spot away from the others in a hope that she will get more in her skinny little body. She's still too thin, even though I've been feeding her since halloween. I wonder if she has worms? I can't afford a vet visit, but if she has worms then she'll give them to the other cats too. I'll have to go to Wilco (farm store) and get some worm medicine just to be on the safe side and treat all the cats.


  1. Oh we hopes they gets along good and that the Mystery Meezer gets enuff food!
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  2. Hey, the name goes well with his tail rings...Indeed he is looking thin in the pic! but don't wrry he 'll be alrt...

    And hey, you can check out this post on crazy tom . I hope u'll njoy!!!!


  3. are there any ValueVets up there in oregon. they do great work low cost. our vet is the best guy. we hope it all works out. he looks like our cat Baby.

  4. ooh - our Lady loves floofy poofy tails! he sure looks like a cutie too - poor sweet little kitties. at least they all know where to go for a good meal.

  5. No, there aren't any Valuevets out here. However, turns out that someone actually owns Ringo! He lives a few blocks away, but since they don't feed him nearly enough he was staying up at my place.

  6. you might ask at Wilco if they sell food grade diatomaceous earth. Most farm animal supply stores will have it, not terribly expensive, sometimes even fairly cheap.

    It's basically teeny tiny itty bity spiney honeycombs (the remains of ocean algea cells, that small!)

    It doesn't harm us (cats included) but it does scratch up worms and other micro parasites. It also helps keep yard insects down, ants don't like it and such.

    Here's a bit more info: