Jan 11, 2008

Looks what we gots!!

Author: Belle aka Squishy
Somebody love us!! I think it might have been Ramses! and the award was started by someone named Colin

Well I was going to update earlier today, but its been very hectic since Great moved in with us. It was a very traumatic day for Hunter, Napoleon and Momma. Raowr and I were good kittys and let Momma put us in the bedroom.

See this is how it happened... Momma has one rule about her home. You must call at least 5 minutes before showing up. She prefers that you call at least an hour in advance, but even 5 minutes is better then just showing up. See that extra time gives her a moment when we are all relaxed and she can herd us into the bedroom. If there are no other people around, we go quietly. However, this time everyone forgot to call. Momma thought that Grandma and Auntie Sopha and Auntie Naomi were going to come over around 3pm. Instead they showed up without calling at noon!! OOOPS!! So the moving vehicle shows up, and Momma was in the middle of moving the furntiture and had to drop everything to try and grab us to put us in the bedroom where its safe and quiet. The front door opens 5 seconds later and there is the whole human herd! They has their arms full and is coming into our house. Momma had managed to get Raowr and I safely into the room. But Napoleon took one look at the invaders and jumped on top of the fridge and then on top of the shelves, knocking things all over the place. He found a good place and didn't come down till night time. Hunter freaked out, and couldn't get into the bedroom cause the door was shut to keep Raowr and me in there. So he ran up and down the hallway getting in the way and freaking out. Momma tried to catch him, but she fell down hard and broke the laundry doors. Hunter finally hid behind the couch till after everyone left.

You would think this was enough trauma for us all, but Napoleon is still very skitterish and won't come near GreatGrandma, even though she doesn't move fast or talk loud or anything. He's being silly. I've let her touch me, though I still prefer Momma. Raowr loves the extra lap, but she and Hunter and I all still trying and squish Momma when she is sitting down. I think in a few days I might climb on Great's lap, but I'm making her earn the privelage of petting and holding me.

Oh I know everyone is interested in what I did when I escaped the other day, but I'm not telling! I'm gonna keep you all guessing and make Momma tell you in about 20 days. Though now she thinks I should be called Squishy Belle because I remind her of that movie Finding Nemo..."I'll call him Squishy". She says I am very squishy, but I've been that way my whole life. You would never know I might have muscles and bones under all my fur...cause I'm so squishy. I'm very relaxed most of the time and tend to go limp at a moments notice. I think its an art form! ;)

Ps. Can you see three kittys in this photo?

Only Napoleon refused to stay near GreatGrandma, the rest of us are getting more use to her.


  1. Beans just don't understand the muscles beneath our squishiness.

  2. Sounds like a stampeding herd of cats over there.

    Congratulations on the award.

    jans funny farm

  3. Well Belle I'z purrty sure I'z know why Napoleon's all upsetted... Last time anything big happened he losted his dangly bits and spent a day feelin' all woozy and strange! Once he knows that Great's not there to take any more of his bits, he'll slowly calm down and accept her I'z sure of it! :)

  4. I'z given you'z an award, so come outta hiding Napoleon! :)

  5. I LOVE the last photo,
    3 of you are very comfy with the grandma~~

  6. Come on Napoleon you'z can do better than just a quick dart out from cover and den back... I'z sure Isis will flirt with you iffen you'z come outta hiding! ;)

  7. Come out, come out where ever you are you handsome little devil! ;)

  8. Yes - we can see the three of you!
    Congratulations on your award!!!