Jan 30, 2008

Author: Napoleon

I got tagged again for the three new things Meme. I was tagged by TamraMaew. Its ok thoughs, cause I do have three new things to tell you all abouts!

If you look at this picture, you can see the new thing....

Yup, I has pink claws. I is not amused.....

2. I has descovered thats even though I is wif out my danglybits, I still feel urges! ooops! Someone must has left me wif a bit of the testerony!

3. I has learned that the way to get your demands met quickly is to do the Meezer Scream at 3am! Momma lady jumps out of her sleepytime right quick then! Course, you do has to live wif the consequences....so its important to has an exit strategies!

Thats my meezer rule of the week too... the number 3 new fing about me.
Learning how to get what you want is importants, but always leaves yourself a quick way outs!


  1. Napoleon, cool claws!

    great rule too - the hollering around here at 3am is sometimes unbearable to the mom

  2. Oh Napoleon I rather like your pink claws! :) I'z pleased to hear you've still got urges too! ;) Sadly mine seem to involve food and my belly at the moment, but I'm sure once the kittens have left home that I'll be interested in urges all over again! ;)


  3. Pink claws! Man what were you thinking letting them do that to you?! Your a mancat aren't you? Honestly you're letting the side down! Soon you'll be dressing up in frocks like Skeezix! ;)

  4. We think the pink with the gray furs is very handsome.

  5. I love your pink clawrs!

  6. Pink is not amewzing.

    We concur completely with #3, having an exit strategy is important!

  7. so how are you getting on with those soft paw things? do you try to pull them off?

    and you gte urges??? with no goolies? that is very odd!