Jan 18, 2008

Snug as a bug in a.....basket

Author: Belle

Momma thinks I is either gonna go in heat or I is preggo...but I is still not telling. Lately I has been more vocal and much much more friendly. When I was a kitten, I was the friendliest kitten ever...but when I got to be about 4-5 months old, I became a little more stand offish. Now however, I purr and meow and want to be in your lap. I could just be messing with Momma's mind, or I could be preggo or going to go into heat. I'm gonna make the world guess. ;)

Oh and Momma is still having some issues with Amazon. She got some great emails from Crutchfield and she really wishes that they would have been able to fill the order she had made, as they have a great customer service department and always reply within one business day, many times within an hour!! Which as many beans know, is almost unheard of!!

Anyway Momma says that Amazon had first told her they couldn't issue a refund until the 25th! OMG was Momma ticked or what!?! Then this morning she gets an email from them stating that the order had been canceled and that her credit card hadn't been charged. Well since Momma had used a bank card this time, its still showing as a pending charge. She finks that maybe the bank will clear it tonight when they do their maintence or whatever. She doesn't know, but since that 300 green papers is still tied up, she can't order the camera to take my lovey pictures!! And of course whenever she finally gets around to ordering the camera, it will still take up to a week for it to be processed and then shipped. Sighs!! It seemed like such a great deal, save 50 dollars by ordering it online!

She also ordered some Soft Claws for us, I'm hoping they don't show up neither cause she told me that I has to wear them to stop me destroying the furniture. But I loves scratching everything! Its my job as a kitty! How can I redesign those stuffy looking sitting places to be more fuzzy if I can't use my claws?

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  1. Hi Belle,
    Tell your Momma she should check out NewEgg.com when she goes looking for a camera again. I got my Canon (8MP for $250 with a free battery charger and rechargable NiCD batteries)from them and they have really good prices, cheaper than almost everybody else online and are very reputable. You can see if somethings in stock before you go thru the whole checkout process. I was very happy with the service from them.