Jan 5, 2008

Author: Napoleon

Just gonna update at the top for those thats be worried about Belle, she is home and safe.

Now abouts my trauma!! Omg, When you wast read Belle had run out the door and Momma couldn't catch her. After trying and tryings, she had to just give up for that day. She finally came back inside. Thens she grabbed me, the good kitteh who did nots run outsids, and she petted me and kisseh me. Then she stuffed me in a PTU, the blue torture chamber! I begans to let her know I was not amused! She lockeded up the house and carryd me outs to the car. I has never ever bens in a car before. I was bery bery upsets!! I MEOWLED and HOWLEDED and lets my pityiful voice declares to all that I was being kittehnapped and transported against me will.

Momma kepts talking to me and sayings stuff like "don't be a big baby" and " Raowr never meowed at all and she is just a bitty baby". Well i nevers! I is bigger and bravers, but I hasn't been in the PTU before or a car. I has a right to be upsets, after all I is a Meezer!

So thens we had a LONG dwive of abouts an hour. We wents to Gwandmas house to stay the nights. I was not greeteds wif nice yummy wetfoods or tweats or nofing!! I was puts in Mommas woom and she was in theres wif me. There was a witter box and a bowl of water, butts no FOOD!! Oh I was so super not amused!

By this time it was pwetty late and Momma saids it was time for beds. I had sniffed everywheres and I could tells that this was where Raowr had gone when she disappeared for a few days at Chrissymouse and then again earlier this week. I was not that comforted. I meowled.....all night long. Momma twied to comfort me and petted me. I would gets quiet for a wittle bit, then I would starts up again. Momma wasn't amused. I wauffed inside cause nows she knows how I feels about the PTU!

After the traumatics car ride and overnight stay at some stwange place...the twauma continued!!

Tomorrow I will twy to finish this story...buts if not I will definetly finish it on Monday.


  1. Gwad that Belle is safe. Poor Napoweon seems to have a tewwible time.

  2. Poor Napoleon, we are so sorry! But glad that Belle is home!
    Come on over and see the interior of our fabulous Antarctica cruise ship and meet the crew!
    Karl and Ruis

  3. You asked about the guys named Pat. Since they went undefeated all season, they are at the top of the ratings, and get the week off this week.

    I hope they go all they way and win the Super Bowl.

  4. Something very similar happened to me over Christmas too and I lost weight I was so put out. I never lose weight normally. FAZ

  5. Oh my paw dear boy, I'z gone for a few days and look what happens to you! :( Tormented and tortured as well as starved... It's just not right and I'z hope you'z been tellin' your Momma in that lovely Meezer voice of yours that you deserve much better treatment! I'z very concerned for you...


  6. oh what a nightmare - i have only ever stayed overnight at the vet's and i was too scared to think about anything at all! but that is great news about Belle :)

  7. So were is the rest of the story???
    You said you continue tomorrow - which was yesterday...
    We will have a surprise guest coming tomorrow and a big party on Thursday!!!

  8. sorry it took Momma so long to updates, but she didn't get home till Midnight after getting her momma from the flying machine place. Something abouts stupid Customs...I assume it is some differnt fings that beans have to do to appease the great and mighty flying machines.