Jan 17, 2008

Author: Momma

Its been a rough few days, so I thought I would update instead of letting the furry ones do it. I recently ordered a camera through Amazon, and they used a third party seller. I was ok as this camera was 50 dollars cheaper then I could find it anywhere else.

However I recieved an email from the third party,Crutchfield, and they stated they were out of stock and that according to Amazon policy they had 30 days to fill the order.

Well, I had paid 3 dollars extra shipping to get it shipped to me in 2 days. I need and want that camera last week...thats why I paid extra to get it. Geesh! So anyway, they didn't know when they would get it...ect. I kept checking on Amazon to see if I could find it cheaper, then I would cancel the order and get it from someone else who could deliver when promised.
I finally see that Crutchfield was again offering the camera at the same price and they were saying they would have them in stock on FEB 5th!!! I'm not willing to wait till then before they even ship me the camera! Plus they never bothered to email me letting me know that they wouldn't have it in stock till the 5th. Once they found out that there was no way I was getting my camera this month they should have emailed me asap.

So I wrote them and canceled the order. They wrote back saying sorry for the problem ect. No biggie...except for the fact that the charge is still showing up on my bank account as a pending charge!

So I wrote Amazon, they said I need to take it up with Crutchfield.

Crutchfield says Amazon never paid them, and I need to take it up with Amazon.

Since its still a "pending" charge I can't use that 300 dollars to purchase anything else, or it would show up as an overdraft(cause my bank is just that nice). I do have the money in my account as it hasn't been paid out, however I can not purchase the camera until that money is freed from being held as a "pending charge". GRRRRR!!!!!!

All I wanted was a new camera...sigh. So that is why the kittys aren't in here. I don't have new pictures and I don't have the patients to listen to their meows and tryto help them type. ;)


  1. Oooooh, I'm so sorry...but I hope it might cheer you up to know that I posted your meme now. And thank you for the meme! It was so much fun!!


  2. Oh boy that's not at all nice, or fair... I tend to steer clear of 3rd party sellers for this very reason, but it's not always possible to do so... :( I hope you get this issue resolved soon and that the company learns a valuable lesson from this - communication is vital!

    Ramses Mummy

  3. What a sad turn of events. We hope it all got resolved and you are able to get a camera without any more problems.

    jans funny farm