Jan 9, 2008

Can you see who's trying to edge into my photo??

Author: Napoleon

Today is my normal bloggings day, but I blog-hogged all weekend. Momma says she doesn't have alots of time to help me wif the bloggie today since Great Grandma, Grandma and Auntie Sopha is comings today. They is gonna bring Great's stuff since she is movings in wif us. She is gonna live here wif us forever and ever, so we is verry happys. Now I gets another lap to sits on!

Yesterdays Momma was watching the tv and three of us had to smoosh onto her lap and legs...now we wills have another lap to sits on and the bestest part is that since Great doesn't walks so good anymore, she will sits a long time...so we don't has to get annoyed when the bean gets up to do stuff!

Anofer great thing about having Great move in wif us is that one of the Forbidden Rooms was opened up and there is a great big comfy bed in there. Which means, when its bed time, we will have anofer bean to climb all over. Momma tosses and turns alot when she is getting all comfy and sometimes we gets digruntleds. Now, if she annoys us too much we cans go sleep wif Great.

We will try to visit, but probably won'ts get a chance till at least the weekend since Momma has to take Great to the store and to the beanvet this week. We wanted to let you know...especially Isis, so she didn'ts fink we forgotted her.


  1. Oh, isn't it great that you have another bean lap to fall into and a new room to explore - lucky you Napoleon.

    Mindy & Moe

  2. I have just read your story about your traumatic and terrible experience.

    i sympathise wholeheartedly. It is a dreadful thing for any cat to go through and honestly - humans should have it doen to them to find out what it is like.

    Healing purrs to you xx

  3. Napoleon, I have tagged you for the 7 Weird Things about yourself meme.
    See my post at Missy - I Was Tagged.
    Purrsss, Missy Blue Eyes

  4. Firstly I'z will tell Isis what's keepin' you away from her and that it's an older woman! ;) Oh ok, I'z not such a big beast of a brother so I'z will explain it all properly! Oh and to make it up to you for worrying you I was going to be an beastly tattle tail like some cats I'z know, I'z givin' you an award! :) Hope you'z like it and that it makes up a little bit for having no danglies now! ;)