Jan 4, 2008

Author: Napoleon

I knows that sometimes it be days for ovher kittehs to be postings, but I has some traumatics tale to tells you so I is writings.
This is hows it happeneded....Momma and Great came home on Tuesday and dropped off Raowr, she be very sad that Momma left her at the house...anyways, Momma took Great to lunch at the casino and then decided since it be a few days till my "snip" she would come back on Thursday and take me to Grandmas house. She would be able to keeps me from eating the night before snippurgy and there woouldn'ts be any ovher kittehs to harrass me whens I get all loopy.
Well, Momma shows up berry late Thursday and Raowr is like OMG MOMMA!!!! and she was following her around, getting under her feet and generally letting Momma knows that she be very upset that she hasn't seen her in two whol days! Momma was trying to empty the witterboxes and get the Prisonbox ready for me. She had gones to the door to takes the witter out to the garabagss and Raowr ran outsides!! Momma was berry quick though and was able to grabs her and tuck her back into the houses. Thens Momma goes out to put the stuff in the garbabges and doesn't rewaise that the door was oppens a crack! So all the kittehs decided it was jailbreaks time, excepting for me...cause I is good.
Momma was quickly able to get Raowr back in the house, and after a few minutes Hunter meandered back to the porch and Momma grabbeded hims too. But Belle is a berry berry bad girl! She kept out of reach and wouldn't let Momma catch her, Momma tried all the tricks...wet foods, the lazer pointers, coming from behinds...stuff likes that. It didn't works. Belle used to be ans outdoor kitteh, but since her ladygarden snippurgy isnt' tills Feburary Momma didn't want her to be outside so we would not has any bebbys.
Now, when Belle FINALLY comes back inside which will probably be in a day or two...now Momma has to waits 30 days to make sure someone isn't getting a tummy full of accidents! It takes like 55-64 days for a kitteh to hatch, but you can usually tells in 30 days cause someone gets fat.
Momma isn't reweally worried about Belle, though she is upset and anxious for her to not gets preggnant. She is tellings the outdoor kitteh feed person to keep an eye out for her and puts out extra foods for her. When she drops me off tonight or tomorrow morning, she is hoping to be able to catch her. Fingers and paws cwossed for that.
After all this story, there is still even more traumtics just abouts me....I will wrights more tomorrow.


  1. Oh my - we see why your life right now is a bit traumatic!!! We sure hope Belle comes back very soon - and with an empty belly!!!

  2. Ah, your Momma can tell quicker iffen Bella is in d'family way! :) In 3 weeks time she needs to have a good look at her ickle nipples and see iffen they'z look pink and iffen d'fur around them is missing to make it easier for ickle baby kittens to nurse... Iffen she has "pinked up" when she looks in 3 weeks time you'll know she's gotted herself a belly full of kittens so she can copy Isis!

    Iffen your Momma wants any other kitty pregnancy info I'z purrty sure My Mummy's read all d'books and spoked to all d'experts! :)

  3. oh my goodness - this is very exciting news! ramses seems to have the best advice xxx