Jan 21, 2008

A brand new Meme created by www.tigmuthep.blogspot.com

Author: Hunter
It's nice and simple, all you need to do is tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to www.tigmuthep.blogspot.com and the purrson who gave it to you (which was tigmuthep!) and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about! :)

So here goes, the 3 things that are new with me are:

1. I has been outsides lately. And I am not impressed, I want back inside right away!

2. I got a new scratching post. It has a birdhouse like condo at the top. I loves it!

3. I has gained a bit of weights, Momma says I is the fattest kitteh eva. But I know she still loves me!!

We is gonna pass this meme on to....


Monty Q



  1. Dat's very interesting Hunter! :) Though I'z bet you can't eat as much as I can at the moment... ;)

    Purrs for Napoleon,


  2. We are glad you're not impressed with outside, Hunter!! Go back in - it's cold! Thank you for tagging us! We are working on our three things and will post them soon. We had to do a sad post about our dear friend Olympia yesterday otherwise we would have done it then. Probaby we will post our meme responses on Friday - thanks again!!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie