May 30, 2008

I puppysat today!

Gunner really loved having the puppy over today! It was soooo cute!

May 28, 2008

Raowr and Hunter playing

May 26, 2008

This picture is from Mother's Day when my family

Author: Momma

I just wanted to write a quick entry to let everyone know why we haven't been updating more.
About a week ago Grandma fell and broke her ankle. She then stayed at my mom's house while we waited and waited for the swelling to go down. Finally the doctor decided that due to her age, they wouldn't risk surgery and would just try to align the bone as best they could and then put a cast on it. She's back home now.

There has been some talk about putting Grandma in a nursing facility for 3 weeks while we wait for the bone to heal enough for her to be able to walk a little safely. Right now due to her alzheimers she forgets that she has a broken bone and shouldn't be walking on it. Several times I've woken up in the middle of the night to find her up and walking to the bathroom. She can't remember that she isn't suppose to do this. There will be a home nurse person coming out sometime this week, and then we will decide what is best for grandma. I had hoped she would stay here and not need to go to a facility, but I am unable to be awake 24hrs a day to prevent her from walking on that broken ankle. Its not something I want to have happen, but on the other hand, if its necessary for her to be in a safe enviroment...then that is what is best in the long run.

On the pet home front, Gunner is settling in and starting to be naughty at times. This morning I woke up to find he had gotten my brand new shoes and chewed off one of the shoelaces. I think its in retaliating to him no longer being allowed to sleep in my room. See, I have the kitty boxes in my bedroom and someone here is a disgusting doggie and decided to repeatedly "investigate" the contents of the boxes.
ewww! So, he can't go in the bedroom anymore and I think he gets restless being alone during the night. I'm thinking he might have to get a bed in the garage if he continues to destroy things when I'm sleeping. For now I've put my shoes in the closet instead of next to the door.

May 20, 2008

Gunner and I playing indoor fetch!

May 16, 2008

I went to the groomer today and is sooo purty now!!

I still feel like sticking my tongue out about the whole thing!

Author: Gunner

Well it was a horrible thing. First mum took me and shoved me in the car! I hates car rides! I gotted sick the last time, so I remember that in the back of my mind. This time, I wasn't in the car long enough to get sicks. It was only a few blocks. Then mum dumped me in this place wif all these peoples. They put waters on my fur! They scrubbed all my beloved stinkyness out of my furs! Oh the horrible indignity of it all.
Then they trimmed my long long claws. Now my feet furs are all trimmed and I have dainty looking feets! I is suppose to be a big manly furball, not a dainty furball...sighs. Well mum has been coooing and awwwing over me and she did give me treats. So I guessing it all works out in the long run. However, I now know to doubly avoid the car. Eiver you get sicks or you get the scubbings away of the good doggie stinkyness!

May 12, 2008

Well, your an awfully small woofy!

Author: Zeke, aka Gunner

My new mum says she wants to change my name to Gunner. She thinks that goes with my personality and is a longer and softer sounding word. I'll answer to most anything...if there be a treat involved!

Sadly mum is still very worried and searching all the time for my missing little brother Napoleon. I actually hasn't met him yet, but iffen I do, I know I love him like I love all the weird little 'woofies' that live here.

On that note, I has to say these is the strangest woofies I has ever met! They don't woof, they growls and hisses and they has sharper claws them me. So far they don't want to play with me which is really sad causen I love to play! I use to have two other siblings with my other family and they would run and play with me all day. I miss them and my other family a whole bunch. I'm starting to get use to the schedule here, but none of the woofies in the neighborhood wants to play with me neither. Not alot of people around here actually take their woofies for walks! My new mum takes me out in the morning and again in the evening. I love going on walks. My other family wasn't physically able to take me on walks no more, so I really missed that!

My new mum wants to thank everyone for all their prayers, purrs, and good thoughts about the return of Napoleon. Its very hard for her, specially since she had just gotten Raowr back after her being missing. Mum thinks that someone for sure is kittynapping peoples' pets and dumping them in different locations. Thats why she got microchips now. Now if anybody escapes the house and someone steals them, well whoever is nice and finds them will be able to return them back to the right Mum!

May 8, 2008

Post-op Tummy photo

Author: Raowr

As promised here is a photo of my tumtum. Belle is still being stubborn and refuses to allow photos to be takens. Do you see the green on my tummy? This is cause there is a special tattoo there! This was, if someone takes me for a stray and decides to get me spayed (again) the vet would shave my tummy and would see the tattoo and know thats I has already been spayed!! Cool, then they wouldn't has to cut me open. Course I did get the microchip, so no one should thinks I is stray iffen I ever escaped the house agin. On that topic, momma is kinda irked at the vet peoples. They said it would be 36 dollars to get the microchip. They failed to mentions that in addition to that money, Momma has to pay another 19 dollars to register the chip with the national company. Otherwise, there isn't any point in having the chip. So instead of saying it is 36, they should say...we charge 36 to install the chip, but then you must register and pay another 19 dollar its really 55 dollars all togethers. That would be more honest.
How many of you all has chips? And how much did it costed? Did you has to pay a seperate fee and fill out paperwork and send it somewhere to get it all registered and whatnot? Lets us know..k?

May 7, 2008

Uh oh, whats going on here????

Arriving at the vets!

I don't want to come out!!!

Authors: Belle and Raowr

Um, we didn't get any late night snacks last night. And then today, instead of breakfast we are cruelly shoved into the Prisoner Transport Unit(PTU)! In the first picture we are both being taken in the car. Belle hasn't ever been in one before but I, Raowr, has been in thems before. Neither of us been to the vet though! We is overdoo for the ladygardenectomy!

Well, I (Belle)for one am very glad to not have to worry about any more kittens! I really was too young to have babies and I had no idea how to take care of them properly. Course, I was not amused by the decidedly empty food bowls this morning!!
I also found out I have to have a rabies shot since I spend so much time outdoors.

I found out causen I was a bad little kitteh that I has to have a microchip. I even founded out that they isn't good yummy chips, they isn't edabiles! I totally didn't mean to wander soooo far away, I promise and I won't do its no more...cants Belle has the chip instead?

(The Momma here, I'll post pics after they get home, specially of their shaved bellys, hehehe!)

May 5, 2008

I am pleased to announce the newest addition to our family!!

Author: Momma

This is our newest family member. His name is Zeke, at least for now. His former owner wasn't able to give him the care and attention he so rightly deserves, so she finally made the difficult choice to put him up for adoption. She wanted him to have a great life and all the love in the world.

Zeke is a slightly merle colored Sheltand Sheepdog. He is purebred, however his breeder wasn't able to show him because he was unusually large (for a sheltie), he had one blue eye, and he didn't have the full merle coat. So the breeder had sold him as a pet dog, and his owner had him for a year before deciding that due to illness they couldn't keep him anymore.

I am still desperately looking for Napoleon, which is how I found out about Zeke. I search the ads everyday without success, but I saw a posting about Zeke. I have always wanted a sheltie dog, but did not want a puppy. So this works great for me and for grandma. This dog is already past the chewing and housebreaking phaze, and loves to be petted and brushed. Two of my favorite activities! Zeke hasn't had any formal obedience training, so coming up in June we are gonna get signed up and get cracking!

The cats are horribly mad at me for bringing a woofie into the house, but I'm sure they will get over it. The great thing is that Shelties are mellow by nature so he has little interest in them and is not inclined to chase them! So its them having to get over him, rather then a two way battle.

May 1, 2008

Family snuggle time!(an old photo)

Author: Momma

We are having a serious issue here in our neighborhood of cats disappearing. Napoleon is the latest victim. But after my 10 days of waiting and waiting for Raowr, I do have some hope that he too can come home. I'm starting to think that someone around here is picking up people's pets and dumping them miles away from home. I don't know who would do this for sure, but I have my suspicions.