Dec. 27, 2008

Am I pregnant?

I promised to update you about the adventure of Monkey, but then we had a major storm then lost power, we've been trapped in our home for 14 days!. Then on top of that its been 6 days without internet!!
We had internet last night for a little while then it went away. Not sure how long will have it today...but going to try to post the story.

So way back on December 2, Monkey went into heat. I was anticipating this with great eagerness as I had picked out a lovely siamese male for her to breed with...aka George. However, due to George's size he was unable to satisfy Monkey and indeed it was almost comical to watch him try and fall off. He was just too fat! Poor guy! He really wanted to help make kittens but it wasn't happening.

Monkey put up with this for 24 hours, but wasn't amused at the end. She decided to take matters into her own paws and escaped out the front door! She didn't stick around and took off for who knows where. I was frantic!
I called and called, and she wouldn't answer. I went through the woods and the neighborhood calling every day and night. No sighting of her!

Finally about 8 days later I saw her as Grandma and I were coming home from the store. My arms were full of packages and also helping Grandma get into the house. She can't take that step without having me right there to help her, or else she will fall. So, I threw all the packages in the house and hurriedly helped gran get indoors. Then I turned around to run over and get Monkey. But the evil neighbor's dog had her cornered!!!! As I got within a few more feet of her the dog barked and started chasing her. I took off after them around one house and behind another. By the time I caught up...she was gone again.

I checked to make sure Grandma was sitting comfortably inside the house and not in danger, then I went all around the woods and neighborhood calling and calling.
Finally talked to a neighbor who said she had seen Monkey in her garage a few times with a large fluffy grey male. I left some food with her because when I had seen Monkey it was obvious she had lost weight.

A few more days pass and the worse winter storm we have had in my lifetime is predicted. I open up the garage door a crack so all my outdoor kittys can come in out of the weather and have a safe dry place to spend their nights and days. I put their food and water in there with them.

Then 11 days after she escaped, I go out to the garage for my morning smoke and outdoor kitty cuddle and there she is!!!!!! All my other kitties were ok with her being in there too!! She was soooooo happy to see me! She started meowing and purring the minute I picked her up!!

I was so incredibly relieved to have her home again. I've only had 1 other kitty who wandered off and returned safely, but I have lost some who find new homes or who are sadly eaten by the coyotes (I think). I actually found fur one time, but no kitty the first week I had moved to this place. My cats had always been indoor/outdoor cats with no issues at my old home, but I learned quickly here that the wilderness is only a heartbeat away. I have 4 outdoor cats now that are incredibly clever and never have an issue with the wild critters, but the indoor ones don't have the skills or the know how usually to survive out there...if they would only accept that I have their best interests in mind and I'm not trying to be mean when I say they can NOT go outside. :(

So to top it all off, Monkey's "pink-up" date was around Christmas and I think she might have pinked up. She has put alot of weight back on since she got home. Some of that is because she was so slender when she got back...but I think some of it is due to kittens! There is no way to tell what kind we will have, but I will cherish them no matter what they look like. Monkey has such a lovely personality to pass on to the them, that I am sure I will love them all. The thing about her though is that when I adopted her they had thought she was pregnant, but it turned out she was just we will really have to watch her over the next few weeks and see what we see!

Dec 20, 2008

This is just a short movie of my dog Gunner enjoying the snow. I will do an update about Monkey and her potential babies in the next few days. I will tell you all about her adventure too.

Looks like youtube is taking a while to update, so the movie will be up later in the day.

Dec 2, 2008

Monkey has a boyfriend!!

Monkey, the charcoal point kitty has a boyfriend, George, the fire point fluffy monster! George is a year old male who recently imigrated to our home. He has resided under my bed for a week and has finally started coming out to say hi. He enjoys being petted, but it is entirely on his terms! He wants to come up to you, do not approach him quickly or he will scatter like the leaves in the wind.
George almost got a different name though, cause he loves to eat butter! I caught him trying to take a stick of butter off the counter. I assume he was intending to bring it back under the bed where he could eat it in leisure, but I caught him in the act...whew!!!! I was thinking butter or butterball would be a good name for the
I hope to start blogging again, especially as we MAY have kittens come febuary. I will definetly let you all know as soon as I know for sure and will do daily or weekly photos ect, if that should happen.