March 25, 2009

The bad news just keeps coming........

Well, just wanted to let you all know that my new camera (Sony Cybershot DSCW200 12.1MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot) that I got this last year that I was so excited and pleased to have was sadly stolen. There isn't anything I can do about it and I can't really afford to get a nice new 400+ dollar digital camera that takes regular photos as well as video. I really liked that camera. Anyway, this means the end of this blog as I can't take pictures or even videos anymore.
Maybe someday in the future I'll be able to afford to replace it, and if so I'll blog again....if not then well I won't. When I went back to research how much it would cost to replace it, I found that the price had risen and now that camera costs 699.00 . It was a good camera...but not worth 700 dollars! It was worth it when I got it on sale for 299.99.
So, I have to start saving again and hope to find it someday at that cheap a price...

March 24, 2009

Kittens at play

Here is a video of the older kittens running around and playing. They are so adorable!

March 22, 2009

Gunner and I went to the Oregon beach yesterday.

Lots of other people came to the beach with their doggies!

I let Gunner do a little rock climbing

Gunner is king of all he sees!

I want to thank everyone who sent notes of condolence about the loss of my Grandma. I knew her time was drawing short, but it was still a bit unexpected and hard to deal with.

The kittens are growing up fast. I haven't taken any photos of them in a long while. I have moved them into a bedroom now and they are all using the litterbox and eating solid food. They have about a week left before they go to new homes. Some of the kittens have a cold now though. :(

The younger litter finally had to be separated from the older litter after the sad death of one of the younger ones. I think that the kittens all loved each other and loved to cuddle together, but when it came time to eat they weren't able to compete even though there was two momma kitties. They seem to be doing better now that they are separated. I have also started them on a once daily supplemental feeding in addition to still getting Keera's milk and care. They are super funny to watch when the supplement milk is given to them. At first they are all like "neh, no I don't want that" Then they taste it and they are all like " omg, gimme gimme gimme!!!"

I'll be taking photos of the older litter before they start leaving for their forever homes. And I'll get some photos of the younger litter too, they all have their eyes open and are crawling all over the place!

March 11, 2009

My grandma passed away yesterday. She was 90 years old and had lived a full life before Alzheimer's disease eventually took her from our family.

I grieve but in reality I understand that she is finally done suffering and is now in the arms of our Lord at peace and with great joy at her return to paradise.

I'll be taking a few days off from blogging. But I want to thank everyone who has been commenting lately about her. She was a very wonderful woman whose presence will be missed.

March 9, 2009

Took this video yesterday

Not too much to report. Same cute cuddly babies doing cute fuzzy The older ones are quite good at running around now. They have started nibbling on the food, so hopefully that will put less stress and calorie demand on Monkey.

Monkey is much more vocal, constantly calling to all the kittens from both litters. She frequently steals one or more of Keera's babies.

Keera growls alot when the kittens nurse. Not sure why. I'm thinking part of it might be because she has such long belly fur and the babies have such sharp nails. I have frequently found tufts of fur in the bathroom. I think the kittens might be ripping the fur out when they are struggling to find a nipple and scratching each other and momma Keera.

My heartbreak is that my poor Grandma is still lingering on waiting for the end to come. I'm surprised that her body is still supporting her. She has end stage Alzheimer's which means she isn't able to eat or drink much anymore. She forgets how to chew and swallow, then she starts to remember. It goes back and forth. Its very difficult to watch someone you knew as a strong person become so weak and helpless. Every night now when I tuck her into her bed I tell her that if she sees Jesus she should go with him. That she will be able to see her husband,her son, her grandson, and all her friends who already went to Heaven.

I have a booklet that the Hospice people gave me that teaches caregivers how to help the patient cope with the transition. Your suppose to say things like "Its ok to go now, you can let go...ect" Sometimes a person will hold on longer then they should because they feel like they can't go yet and that they need to linger longer to finish something but they can't remember what it is. They end up in a lot of physical discomfort and sometimes you want to look them in the eye and demand to know why they are doing this to themselves. But you have to remember, the disease is in control now and they are being carried along its path. Its a horrible horrible way to go. Parts of who they used to be is torn away: the strength, the humor, the love, the memories...those things help define who we are as individuals...when we lose those, we lose ourselves. And how much harder it must be in the early stages, to be fully aware that you are losing all the things that made you a unique person.

It is my greatest hope that someday soon someone will find a cure for this disease, that no more people will have to be so diminished from who they were. When the end finally comes for Grandma, I'll try to post something on here but I will probably not be able to post again for awhile.

My family has always had the whole stiff upper lip kind of mentality when it comes to mortality, but I have been caring for Grandma for years and have had her living here in my home for over a I don't know how I'll react. I think a bit of relief that her pain is over, a bit of guilt because you always feel guilty...thinking you might have been able to do something more...even when you know you did everything. Probably feel a little relief that my vigil will have ended, and then more guilt because I shouldn't feel relief. All the books and pamphlets tell and teach you how to cope and what to expect, the range of emotions, ect...however, I think its something you can never really be fully prepared for no matter how much you think you are prepared.

March 5, 2009

March 2- part 2

This is the same day that the newborns arrived. Sorry I haven't been updating...things are always crazy here.
As many of you know I am taking full time care of my aging Grandma. She has advanced alzheimers and at this point its only a matter of days before she makes the transition from this life to the next. Its difficult to stay cheerful and upbeat and take time out of my busy day to video the new babies and post them, but I'll try to every couple of days.

March 2, 2009

This really early morning, I was surprised to discover that Keera was in labor. She was having some serious issues with stealing Monkey's babies and then biting them...then licking them. Monkey kept wanting to see what was wrong with Keera and was licking her and purring and meowing. I moved the kittens out of the shower into the reserved area in the bathroom. But Monkey was upset and Keera was upset, and kept trying to steal the kittens. So eventually I took all the kittens and placed them in my bedroom, and locked Keera in the bathroom.

She was in very active labor at this point. A few minutes later I went into the bathroom and there was a kitten on the floor and Keera was in the shower. The kitten on the floor wasn't moving a whole bunch and was still in its sack. So I broke the sack open and placed the kitten right near Keera's head. She proceeded to eat the placenta and wash the newborn, however as she was doing that another kitten was born. So she started taking care of the newest arrival. Soon the first one began screaming loudly.

Remember, Keera is a long haired kitty? Well the first born was having issues not being able to find a nipple. Meanwhile, its chaos for poor Keera cause now she has two screaming babies and is still in labor. Monkey is out in the bedroom screaming her head off, scratching and clawing at the door trying desperately to come to the aid of the screaming newborns. She was unable to understand that all of her 24 day old kittens were fine. She was sure that these newborns were hers and they needed her!

Eventually things quieted down. Unfortunately Keera is a first time mom and is way too young, so I am going to keep a close eye on her and the babies. I did not plan to breed her, and her kittens are adorable but not a purebreed of any sort. It can make it more difficult to find good quality families to be responsible pet owners if they are just getting a run of the mill tabby type kitten. Of course that is not always the case and lots of nonpurebreed kittens and cats find loving forever homes.

I'm going to go check on Keera and then take some photos of her babies. She has six by the way! So that makes it an even dozen kittens in this house! This will cost me a lot of money and time and could have all been avoided had I gotten Keera spayed before she was six months of age. If you have a stubborn vet that won't do a spay prior to six months of age, don't listen to them, find another vet! Many vets will do a spay as soon as your kitten weighs 2 pounds. The female can go into heat at or BEFORE six months of age and this is really too young for them to have the best litter and best health. There can be alot of medical complications as well as the new mom only being a baby herself! And if you think you can just ride out the spay, wait for her to stop caterwaling you are mistaken. She will do everything in her power to get to a male! She will jump through open windows or dash out between your feet if you open the door for even a moment. Its biological and she can't resist. It causes many issues in life. They say that letting your cat go into heat once doubles her chances of having mammary(breast?) cancer later in life.

The miracle of life is wonderful but I do not recommend allowing your kitty to have a litter just to experience it. There are many cat shelters that will gladly let you foster a pregnant momma cat, that way you are saving the mom's life as well as the new born kitten's lives. Many shelters are so overfull of unwanted animals and they do not have enough foster homes that when a pregnant or lactating queen comes in they do not have the resources and are forced to put mom and babies down.

Feb 25, 2009

This is a video taken on Tuesday.

If you want to watch the videos when they first go live, I am always adding them on feel free to look for username heatherwanderer7 make sure you add just one 7 at the end, or you might find someone else. :)

I'm pretty sleepy, but I wanted to add this video on here for you all. I have a busy day tomorrow with a nurse and bath assistant coming out for Grandma. I'll try to update a little better tomorrow. Maybe just do some still photos of the babies.

Feb 23, 2009

Snuggling in a pile with your family is an important part of being so darn cute!

Video and Pic taken on Sunday, the kittens were 16 days old.

Just wanted to post a quick note to thank everyone who has shared my grief over the loss of Screamarella.

As the kittens are now 17 days old (can you believe its been that long already?) they are still at the age of bobbing heads and mews of extreme loudness. Of course Coonie boy is the best, but Pinkzilla is a close second. They both allow me to pick them up and move them all around with hardly any protests! Little Sister is carrying on Screameralla's legacy and is quite vocal in her princessly duties. I'm still tinkering with her it may change from post to post, but she is the only girl so we should be able to follow along at home...hehe.
A few days ago I noticed that Monkey seemed to be losing weight so I thought I would go and get some kitten formula and supplement the kittens feedings to take some of the strain off of her. She is already on a high calorie kitty food, but still was losing weight. So anyway, I ran out and bought some formula and a bottle and very carefully prepared my first feeding. I thought I would start with Coonie since we get along so well. He went "nom, nom, YUCK!" he spat out the nipple and said nope. So on to the next kitten with similar results. Some wouldn't even try it...with many loud protests involved. I was like well that worked real well. lol

However just when I thought I had thrown away alot of money I happened to reread the container to see if maybe I wasn't mixing it right or that there might be a reason the kittens wouldn't take to it. On the can it says that you can supplement the nursing queen with the formula! So, I mixed in some with Monkey's food and BOY HOWDY! She LOVED it! She wouldn't even let it settle into the dry food. I thought it would make a nice mush she might nibble on...but no, she lapped it all up and was like "OMG, momma where you been hiding this stuff?!?!"

So long story short, kittens hated it...Monkey loved it! I've been mixing it several times a day in with small amounts of her dry food and she eats it all up. She seems to have put some of the weight back on and is doing great. Of course, the kittens are growing and there are still six of them so the calorie intake demand is high. I'm glad I added this to her diet.

It says on the container you can start weaning your kittens at 25 days of age, by mixing in a lot of liquid and little bit of hard food to make it a mush. Its hard to believe since they don't have teeth yet...but I was playing with Coonie who loves to Nom on my fingers and I felt little nubbins along his gum line. Only a few more days and they should have a full set of chompers at this rate!

Feb 21, 2009

This is Raowr's day and so the video is of her instead of the kittens.

Kitten pics and updates will be back on Monday. ;)

Feb 19, 2009

This is a video of my favorite little guy, Coonie.

I don't know why but its taking forever to process, over 2 hours and its only a 4 minute video! I'm going to upload it to youtube and try it that way if this doesn't work.

It never worked on here, so I uploaded it in like 5 minutes on youtube!

Coonie spazzed a little but thats why he is so special!

I also uploaded another video on my other site. This is the second part of that video...this video on this entry. I hope thats not as confusing as I am making Watch the video on this other blog, then watch this one...and you'll see what I mean.

Feb 17, 2009

Kitten Pile

Notice the kitten with its mouth open at the bottom of the pile? That is Screameralla. There is something going on with her and I'm starting to get worried. Last night I was woken up several times to hear a kitten in distress. Monkey had Screameralla in her mouth and was jumping over the gate and taking her down the hall. Then she would bring her back to the nursery. This morning I found Screameralla off by herself away from the other kittens. I put her back in with them, and the whole time she was screaming like crazy. Monkey came over and started grooming her and she didn't calm down, she kept meowing loudly. She has always been the most vocal of the entire litter. So I'm not sure if this is just my imagination that she seems to be even more vocal. Now all the other kittens are climbing on top of her and she still protests loudly, but she wasn't crawling away...and eventually drifted off to sleep. Its something to keep an eye on anyway.

As for the rest of the babies, I am sure there are two girls and five boys. The one with a pink nose is definitely a boy! So henceforth his name shall be Pinkzilla. Ziggy is doing well and everybody who meets him admires his unique tail. Screameralla is a girl and so shall remain There is a boy with a white muzzle, grey nose, and light grey around his eyes. His name is Coonie and I shall keep him I think. He really responds to being petted and lifts his head away from his momma when I come in and leans into my hand when I stroke his little body. So four out of seven have temporary names. There is another one with half grey half white ears and he takes after I can call him Pharaoh, as he thinks he is in charge and lets you know it! (This one has actually turned out to be the other female, so new name for her in a few days)

About half of the babies have at least some eye showing. Some have both eyes almost fully open, some only have a tiny bit of one eye open and some have tiny bits of both eyes open. I'm hopeful by the next photo day all eyes will be open!

I'll keep you up to date as new names develop and personalities become obvious.

Sad update:

Through out the day I noticed that Monkey would take Screameralla out from the middle of the furball pack and take her to the edge. Every time I would find her far from her littermates I would put her back. Screameralla's tummy was not as full as the rest of the kittens so I must now assume she slowed or even stopped feeding. Monkey would lick her occasionally but for the most part ignored her. Screameralla even stopped her loud meows that were her trademark.

Even when I picked her up and held her she didn't make any more noises, which she has always done from the moment I first held her at just hours old.

This evening when I went in to check on everyone I once again found Screameralla off to the side. Only this time when I picked her up she was cold. She had passed on. I don't know what was wrong with her. She wasn't sneezing, there was no outward signs of any disease. She didn't have any mucus, no difficulty breathing or feeding up until the very end. I can only assume that Monkey knew something was wrong and that is why she put her to the edge of the furball pack. When I finally took her out to bury her, Monkey did sniff her once and try to take her back. But as soon as she lifted her Monkey dropped her back to the ground sniffed her again and then went back in with the rest of the babies. She seemed to know that Screameralla had passed on.

I don't even know what signs to look for to see if there is anything wrong with the rest of the litter. This doesn't seem like a disease, I guess it could be genetic. I don't know. I will keep you all informed if I notice any of the others being taken out of the furball pack by Monkey. I know now that this means they need to go to the vet and maybe they will be able to tell me if something is wrong.

Though Screameralla had only been here about 11 days she made a lasting impression on everybody who held her or who met her. She will be sorely missed.

Feb 15, 2009

Tehya holding two kittens

Close up of kittens

My niece, Tehya, came over today to visit. She loved on all the kittens and held all of them.
My best friend, Karrie, brought over a babygate yesterday so I was able to create a doggie free zone for Momma Monkey to be able to leave the kittens without worrying. Now, she jumps over the gate and back again. She joins us in the living room and knows her babies are safe. I am sure Gunner will get use to the babies, but right now he kind of looks at them like they are squeaky toys.

When I first brought the kittens out, I put the gate away and put Gunner on his leash so we could have them out safely in the living room. He did a great job, but he did feel a little left out. At the end of the visit he got to play chase the ball with Tehya and get petted and loved on too.

But anyway, I first brought out all 7 kittens and put them in a basket. But by the time Tehya and my mom got here...Monkey had taken 5 of the babies back to the nursery! lol. Several times I would take a few back and trade them and get some other kittens. And at first I swear I think Monkey could count! She would be like..."wait a minute I only have 6...where is that other one?" And she would come out the living room and get him or her! So eventually we had to close the door so we could have some petting time without Monkey making off with the babies. They are only 8 days old now, so I can understand that she is very protective. I'm hoping she will get more relaxed and let everyone pet the kittens over time.
Their eyes are just starting to open, not sure if you can see that in these pictures. I'll post some more on Tuesday when they should all have open eyes! :)

Feb 12, 2009

Ziggy didn't want to pose for pictures today...he just turned his head away.

This one is the only one with a pink nose! She just wanted to climb on my hand and forget about pictures too!

Three of the baby kittens now have temporary names, ones that will help me identify them...but that their new parents/owners can change if they want. Ziggy is the one with a little crook in his tail. Screamarella has half white ears and half grey ears. And Peenka is the only one with a pink nose! :) Oooops, turns out Peenka is a boy! So now I have to rename him! Peenko seems odd. I'll have to think extra hard.

Btw, I finally checked out the sex of the whole litter. I am fairly certain that I only have 2 girls and the rest are boys. I'll have to recheck in the next few days. I'll update you all on who is what and

(I know I said I would update every other day, but sometimes you just want to blog extra! Especially when you have such cute subjects to photograph)

Feb 11, 2009

There are seven kittens with their Mommy can you find the hidden one??

This is day 6, and the personalities of the babies is becoming quite clear. There is one with half grey and half white ears, she is the most vocal and is not that happy with being held and petted! She has already decided that, maybe I can change her mind?lol. I am spending extra time each day trying to show her that being petted and cuddled is a good thing. I'm hopeful for her because it makes it alot easier to place her with a good family.

Little Z, Zorro or as I've now taken to calling him Ziggy....was from the moment of his birth easy to hold and cuddle. He cried at first but was always the first kitten to calm down and accept being petted. All of the babies cry very loudly at first when they are picked up. But he calms down within seconds some of the other can take 30 seconds and some take several minutes.

I've always wondered about nature vs nurture and wether that played a major role in which cats I have chosen to take home. I think I am able to pick the one out the litter that is most likely to be compatible with me and my habits...and I spend lots of time with him/her and bond with them.
I just never realized that it was probably their personality...and not the fact that I spent so much time with them...that made them so compatible. Interesting huh?

I really like Ziggy, but I'm trying to not become too attached. However, I will be VERY selective about which home gets to keep him as he is a special little guy who will make an excellent pet that will enjoy lap time and cuddlings.

Feb 09, 2009

Here are photos of some of the babies and one group shot!

I apologize, but the quality isn't that great, cause they were wiggly and upset about being away from momma Monkey.

This is little Z's tail.

Here is a photo of the rest of him

Some of the babies have a tiny bit of grey on their ears

Some have a lot of grey on their ears! and they have wavy fur!

And some have no grey ears and no wavy fur!!!

Here is one with Momma and all the babies!

If you occasionally notice a difference in their sheets, its cause I have two identical sheets. One time it is the tops of two different sheets and the other time its the bottoms of the set! lol What I do is take all the babies and Monkey out, put the fresh clean sheets in and make sure that they are folded enough to prevent any cold getting in from the bottom of the shower. Then I take the old dirty ones and wash them. Here is an interesting and potentially lifesaving tidbit, do not EVER use fabric softener or dryer sheets if you plan to let your kitties or doggies lay on the sheets! Even a tiny bit that gets into their tummies can make them very very sick! And could even kill them!!! So especially with newborns who taste everything, don't use that stuff! Babies are rooting around with their mouths and noses trying to find momma and they could get lots of chemicals that you don't want them to have.

More photos of everyone on Wednesday!!!

Feb 08, 2009

This is a video I just took of the babies. Some of them still have umbilical cords that are dried and rather long. Those will go away in a few days. Enjoy the babies!

Feb 07, 2009

And the picture you've all been waiting for.....

This is Monkey with her seven adorable offspring! They all appear in good health with the first born being the largest of the lot. But they are all fairly close in size. One of the babies has a kinked tail. I'm not sure how much it might straighten as he grows older, but for now I am calling him Zorro, the little z man. All of the babies are white, off white and beige in coloring...its kind of hard to tell for sure. I'm assuming from this that George is the most likely father. All the intact males in the neighborhood are very distinctive in coloring so its fair guess that these will either look like their mom, developing grey snowshoe points as they get older or like their father and developing fire point markings. I can't wait to watch them grow and get wonderful little personalities!
I've had a friend wanting to adopt one already...but he lives in Utah and I'm not sure how to help that happen for him. But we have 8-12 weeks to decide.
I'll try to post every other day, and take lots of photos, so check back frequently!!!

Feb 06, 2009

Just an update to the update

Nope, no babies yet!! That little minx is pretending...then acting normal....its sooooo bizarre!


Monkey has started delivering her babies! About 730 I had some friends over and she was Meowing and carrying on, and coming up to me then running away. Eventually she settled down and I was staring at her when I noticed a decidedly unusual ripple in her tummy. I looked up and said " I think that was a contraction!" So I picked her up and gave her a kiss. Then I carried her to the nesting area again and she seemed content to stay there. I went back out to visit with my friends, and before they left I went in to check and she had had one big white baby at 830. I keep going back to check and she now has 4, yup, FOUR babies. This picture is just taken now at almost 10pm. The whitest one is the first born who is the driest. I'm not sure she is done having babies, and I will take more photos as the babies dry and post them in tomorrow's blog posting.

As of 1130pm, there is now 7 yes you read that right...there are SEVEN little furry white babies. I'm worried that Monkey might be getting to worn out. I just happened to be in there at the right moment, as the last one arrived she didn't start to clean or break the I took of care, I was able to encourage her to bite through the umbilical...and the boy did start meowing and breathing. I am so hopeful that this is the last baby!!!!

Feb 05, 2009

I think it might be baby time!!! It started about 8 minutes ago at 930. She started getting restless and pacing. I noticed earlier in the day that she had hid in Grandma's closet, which she has never done before. So I chased her out of there and closed up Gran's room so we wouldn't have to worry about that.

I've moved a litter box, food, and water into the master bathroom. I set up a nesting area in the shower a few weeks ago and she has seemed comfortable with it, not preferring it...but not being shy about going in and smelling the clean sheets and looking around.

Anyway, the miracle of life is VERY disgusting...its wonderful...but I plan on taking photos of the new ones after they are cleaned. I will give continued updates to this posting with photos as they arrive...if its tonight...fingers crossed!!!!
Well, She has been pacing the bathroom but that might be because she isn't use to being confined. She was meowing alot and purring...but its been over an hour and no signs of her straining or pushing. Also no signs of contractions or stress, other then being miffed about not having the run of the house.

I'm going to leave her alone in there for a while and check back on her every 30 minutes to see if we have any babies coming or any signs that she might need to go to a vet.

If I don't update again tonight it will mean that there are no babies born tonight. If I have to take her to the vet, I'll try and post a sentence before we leave. I have the cat carrier all prepared just incase and its lined with a nice soft towel.

Feb 03, 2009

No babies yet!

Tomorrow is the final due date for Monkey. If she has it tomorrow that will mean she was happy with the heat and got babies right away. If she waits awhile means she went out of heat, ran around with mr Mcfluffyannonnymouse for over a week and that will be the father of her babies.

I'm real worried though, cause she is HUGE! The pictures doesn't do justice to how round her belly has gotten. I'm thinking at least 4 maybe 6 or more!!!! ACK!!!!!!
Kicking it with Gunner

No babies, but big belly!

As you can tell, Monkey doesn't like having her tummy photoed. I thought it was really cute how she was purring and rubbing all over Gunner so I took a few photos. I liked the first one so much I had it put on as my desktop photo. :)

January 25, 2009

Monkey and the squirmy aliens

This picture was taken the 18th, she hasn't gotten a whole lot bigger since then. Based on her pregnancy dates, I'm putting the earliest kitten arrival date as tomorrow though I think its much more likely to occur around thursday. I'm actually hoping for them to arrive on Groundhogs day, cause that would be cooler. ;)

Her tummy is firmer and you can see the squirmy aliens getting comfy throughout the day. Her breasts are getting a little bigger as the milk ducts prepare for the all important job of providing for the aliens.

As soon as any make an appearance I'll be sure to take plenty of photos!!!

January 14, 2009

Today is two bellies for the price of one!!

This is a photo of Keera. Do you remember when she first moved in how skinny and weird looking she was??? In just a few short months she has filled out quite a bit. She has medium length fur. I thought she might be long furred when I got her, because she has the FLUFFIEST tail in the world! lol. It only gets super fluffy though when she is startled or off on one of her wild romps around the house. She is very cute and funny.
(Thought I would post a little about her since I've been ignoring her in the blog to focus on Monkey)

And speaking of Monkey.....

This photo was taken moments ago. She no longer lays with her paws tucked under her, she is always off to one side to give her little squirmy ones plenty of room. She has just begun her 42nd day of pregnancy *based on the first day of heat* She could be less days along, its hard to tell since SOMEKITTY had to sneak off for random kitty lovins instead of the planned matrimony with George and was gone for 11 days. Its entirely possible that she was in heat, didn't breed successfully went out of heat and back in again 5-7 days later and only returned home after spending 3 days with a random Mr. Kitty Mclovin. I won't really know until the day of her labor. I plan on staying home for the 10 days surrounding the potential kittens arrival date.

I think based on her tummy lumps, she is going to have an odd number of kittens. One side, when viewed from above her, is definitely bigger then the other. Of course she could have an even number, and just have 1 on one side and 3 on the other. I'm hoping for 3 kittens, but worry we might have more!!!

Hopefully Monkey is in love with the "nesting box" I've prepared. I made up the unusable shower into a nesting area. I have several large sheets in there, a water dish and soon to be an extra litter box in the bathroom. As the date gets closer, I'm going to get a child gate so that once the kittens have arrived, Monkey can have the bathroom be offlimits from Gunner (the dog).

I know he loves to play with all the kitties, but I think until the babies are at least 8 weeks old, he will have to be kept separate from them. I want him to be able to see and smell them and vice versa, but I don't want him to accidentally squish them since he has a rather large fluffy butt.

Jan. 3, 2009

Today, Monkey looks pregnant

I swear its the oddest phenomenon with Monkey. She was like this when I first brought her home. The people who rescued her thought she was pregnant then decided she was just fat. Somedays, she definetly looks pregnant....other days, she doesn't!

She has been sleeping off in different parts of the house a lot more then she use to. She also isn't as playful, rather she enjoys more time cuddling and purring instead of chasing the laser pointer like mad up and down the hall.

When she first decided to take off, she was a very well rounded kitty. Not obese, just pleasantly round. When she came back, she was on the slender side of good health...not emaciated, but not her normal size. The first few days, she packed it back on. I always have a full bowl in the house for the cats to enjoy. Its too hard to try and get several different bowls and make sure everyone gets their fair share....for the most part, the full bowl policy has worked for us. :) So anyway, its still a bit difficult to say for SURE that she is pregnant but based on her first day of heat Dec 2, 2008 ( with the escape on the 3rd, I think) I would say she is probably between 28-31 days along. So its not too much longer and I'll know for sure! If she is not pregnant, I will take her in asap to be spayed. Otherwise will have to wait till after the babies are weaned.

George, who was suppose to be an indoor only cat has decided he likes indoors for about 5 minutes at a time. I don't understand, he has lived outside all his life but is being offered a warm, safe, loving, indoor home and he won't have anything to do with the idea. He calls (loudly) and hoots and hollers all day and night unless you let him come and go as he pleases. :(
As of the last few days, now he only comes up to the house to eat and then takes off on adventures. He stopped letting me pet him, so I wonder whats been going on while he has been out?? I need to get him back inside as he is due for a nueter and shots in a few days! Once that is taken care of, well if its his hearts desire to really be an outdoor kitty I will respect his wishes...but even though he is a beautiful boy, the feral forest population doesn't need another intact tom. The coyotes and mountain lions have been keeping the forested felines populations rather low, a gruesome thing, but nature isn't always beautiful or kind to cats without homes.

I'm just lucky that my outdoor cats know where the safe zones are in our neighborhood and forest and have lived outside for 2 years with no wild animals making off with them. Though the indoor cats that get out do not have the same knowledge or good fortune. :( I still wonder everyday what ever happened to Napoleon. I was watching a video of him and I miss him so much. I hope he was catnapped by a good but misguided samaritan who adopted him and kept him indoors and safe forever.