Dec 14, 2006

Hello, what have we here?

This is a young neutered male kitty that I got so that MeiLin could have a companion and playmate. Unfortunately all she has done since he got here is hiss at him and growl when he gets too close. :(
I'm hoping they will bond over the next few days, if they can't get along I will have to find him a new loving home(because MeiLin was here first), but I'm hoping it will work out because he is really a sweet heart. Loves to be petted and play and just a happy guy. I think that with enough time that MeiLin will come around to having him here or at least maybe tolerate him.

If anyone has any good boy kitty names let me know and we can vote on all the different choices. I have my own personal idea...but I might be swayed if a really cool name pops up! So post in the comments and either tomorrow or Monday we will vote!


  1. We had a horrible storm late last night that knocked out power for 4 hours and cable/internet was out for 12hours. Anyway, just to get the ball rolling here are a few names for the black male kitty:

    Stormy (lol), Zilla, Hunter, or Baghera (from the jungle story.

    Anyway, not necessary that it be those very open to more suggestions.

  2. Kane, Dubois, Salem, Batista or Booker. a course wes partial to wrestling names cause thats whatw es names after.Or Gizmo or Mawgwi or Spike, we always liked the movie gremlins.

  3. hmmm...we'd hafta know more 'bout his purrsonality, but Stormy reminds us of sumfin funny...our Lady's sister has a 3 year old girl and they found a kitty who our Lady's sister was calling Stormy because he's all dark gray. well, the 3 year old wanted to be the one to name him, so our Lady's sister said okay. Lily, the 3 year old, thought for a long time then announced she had the purrfect name - Umbrella. now the poor kitty's called Umbrella - Umby for short.