Dec 21, 2006

Don't forget who's the Queen around here!

MeiLin wanted to make sure not to forget her, since the blog has been all mushy about Cashmere Growlypants(CG) lately. But I did want to give you all a little bit about his life story, even though he's only 4 months old.

His life started out with a loving and devoted momma kitty and several siblings. Unfortunetly his momma's owner wasn't able to care for them all properly and first momma kitty then all the babies got ringworm. There is nothing sadder then a bunch of furless sick baby kitties!
My friend (the cat lady of Silverton) stepped in and took over ownership and care for the babies and momma. She nursed them back to health and eventually their fur grew back and most of them found homes.
Now gonna back up a little here, CG was housed in a vet style kennel during his illness with his mom and littermates. Everyday my friend would go out several times a day and grab each kitty and rub medicine all over their furless bodies. As the different kitties healed at different rates, they eventually had to be seperated to prevent reinfection. So poor CG was all alone in his kennel and the only real contact he had with humans was someone smearing smelly stuff on his body daily as well as feeding him and caring for him. You have to be careful with petting kitties who have no fur and as not to hurt their skin. Anyway, long story would think that because his experience with people wasn't all happy that he would end up a shy or nervouse kitty, but he didn't. Infact, very much the opposite.
As soon as I brought him home he bonded with me and followed me around. He cries if I'm in the computer room too long. Now he's bonding very well with MeiLin who treats him as if he were her son. She holds him down to groom him and love on him. Its a very happy, satisfying, and full home now.
Its been a little over 3 months since Rajjah disappeared and I miss her everyday, but I think that having gotten MeiLin so unexpectedly has helped to heal my heart. And now that MeiLin has a little brother, I don't need to worry if I'm forced to be away overnight. She'll never be lonely with Mr. Cashmere Growlypants Hunter here to occupy her with play, wrestling and kanoodling time.


  1. poor baby! we're glad your friend was able to take care of the precious little kitty family - he sure is a cute little guy!

  2. ahhh poor little boy. my piper cries if shhe cant find me and comes running witha toy (eeyore) in her mouth. she drops him when she see me. and andle drags towels around if she can get to them.
    Merry christmas

  3. I lubs Cashmere's name!! Mama only calls me Tazmania the Devil Harvey if I been a bad girl.

    I fink Cashmere lubs humans so much ACAUSE they rubbed him wiff smelly stuff, Mama says the human contact he gotted when he was berry little made him bonded wiff humans acause they were taking care of him! When I was a baby, I camed home and Angel made me her baby and she even letted me try to drink her milk, but she dint have none acause she had a hoo-ha-ectomy already. Our V*E*T* thought it was furry amazing I'd even TRY to do that and furry amazing Angel would LET me! Mama caughted us when I was about 14 weeks old.... She said she guessed I didn't get weeened from my other Mama afore they brought me home... whatever that means!!


  4. I was just reading back over this, it seems like just yesterday Rajjah was chased off.

    MeiLin may have been sent by Rajjah. We just don't know why things work out like they do. But I am very happy to hear about the healing. And glad MeiLin loves her little brother.