Dec. 20, 2006

Caught in the act of Kanoodling!

I am so glad that the two of them are getting along now. I was really worried at first when I brought Cashmere Growlypants(CG) home. MeiLin would just look at CG and growl and stare and growl some more. She was looking at him like "Excuse me, what is this Thing doing in MY house?". But in just a few short days she has changed to more along the lines of "Sweet, you brought me a living toy!" lol. They run around the house, wrestle, and even Kanoodle! They were both sound asleep when I ran to grab the camera, but CG decided he had to find out what I was up to just as the shutter clicked.
I'll catch them both with their little eyes shut and furry dreams dancing in theirs heads one day!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about Cashmere Growlypants' early life.


  1. oh, you two are so cute together! looky all the cuddly fluff!

  2. marvy!! one losted kitty gets a home, then another one gets a home--an' POOF! it's a fambly!! cashmere growlypants--we love that name--just ROLLS off our tongues!!

  3. an' our mom sez many, many thanks for the wonderful music you chose for the sonific (snatam kaur). she is keeping your bloggie in the background all day, and lookin' for her own tunes right this minute!!