Dec.19, 2006

Introducing the one and only Cashmere Growlypants

(aka, The Mighty Hunter!)

I am overwhelmed by all the great and sometimes very funny names that were put out there for me to chose from! I never have to worry if I have trouble naming a kitty again, I know that all the cat bloggers out there will help me!
Here is the official tally, only ones with more then 1 vote are here,look at yesterdays comments to see all the names:
Big Furry Crybaby=One bean laugh, lots of annoyed furry ones. ;)
Hunter: 3
Velvet: 2
Cashmere Growlypants:6
I could have counted wrong, it was a long drive back...but anyway, I like the idea of a long name. His official name on his vet trips shall be Cashmere Growlypants Hunter. I'll probably call him all three different names during the course of the day, depending on his behavior at the
Thanks one and all!!!


  1. Great choice. I had gone with Hunter, but the deadline came and went while I was pondering. Several seemed to suit him, so you did good combining names.

    Which name was the one you were partial to?

  2. that's great! we hadn't thought of combining names, but Cashmere Growlypants is purrfect. next time we need kitty names, we're gonna ask Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce for help.

  3. yes, everyone was such a great help! Cashmere Growlypants is getting use to his name, he gets the cutest expressions on his little kitty face. :)

  4. Mr. C.G.P. sounds honorable to me!

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