Dec 15, 2006

You woke me up!

I had not heard MeiLin growl for awhile or the kitten running around so I went looking and found the boy down around the middle of the bed and MeiLin up at the head of the bed.

Of course it would have to be a cute moment for the kitties, when I happen to have not made my bed. And nothing The power was out last night, it was cold, I grabbed all the blankets for me! hehe
Anyway, go to the post for the 14th and take a peek in the comments section. Over this weekend I will gather all my favorite names, and everyone can help me vote for the favorite one. You can post name choices here on this post too.


  1. we're gonna come up with some - let us think just a little bit. we'll be back.

  2. I noticed that the boy makes this adorable half meow....kind of a gurggly growly half meow. I wish I could tape it...its adorable! He's fairly vocal and very insistant that I pay attention when he's cute.

  3. Here's a little more about his personality. He loves to chase strings, balls, toys...and when he catches them he growls possesivley and runs off with them. I have a feathery ball and when he catches that, its his by goodness and your not getting it back!
    He's not so much a snuggler unless he is sleepy but he is very playful and not intimidated by MeiLin constantly growling at him. lol

  4. Those are cute pictures.

    And I know what you mean... they always pose so adorably when the carpet is filthy or something is dirty -- hmmm, course, if they waited for it to be clean, might never happen. Never mind.