Dec 12, 2007

Oh the joys of the stinky goodness!!

Author: Napoleon
In that pictures you can see that Momma is gettings the plate and the stinky goodness. Its TUNA!!!!!! OMG! TUNA TUNA TUNA!!!!!

Ins this photos you cans see us all waiting oh so very very patiently for our stinky goodness!!

Ins this photo, Momma is teasing us...we can smell the stinky goodness, we can see the stinky goodness, but she hasn't puts it on the floor so we can gets it! So I helps my self and stands on my hind feets to gets at that yummy yummy tuna!!!

Ands in this last photo, you can see we is all eating froms one plate! Momma did thats this time so she could keep a better eye on little glutton Raowr. Sees everytime Momma turns her backs, then Raowr goes to each of ours plates and eats it all up in one gulp! Then she gets an tummy ache, and she doesn't play, and just looks all sick and pathetic. So vist time Momma only let hers have a whittle bitts and then she picked up Raowr so she couldns't overeat agains. I didn't cares cause that means I got my fair share!!! hehehe


  1. Oh you'z can do the "feed me" dance too! :) I'z always knew you'z was a talented kittyboy... ;) We'z haded some tuna this week too and iffen I'z knew you liked it so much I'd have made sure you'z was tolded all about it so you'z wanted to come see me! ;)


  2. Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom...